Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Social + Mini Bucket List

I decided to link up with Neelys Blog. Its a fun little questionair so why not? 

What is your favorite place to shop at?
Target, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, every now and then. I own a lot of Target clothes...because for
some reason I feel the need to go there more then once a week.

If you could afford everything and anything which desinger would you convet?
Umm Im not the biggest designer buff, but I like watching Fashion Police and I always like Stella McCartney. hahah

Must Have Closet Staple?
Flats, Skinny Jeans, Cartigans

Favorite Kind Of Shoes?

Best clothing deal you have ever gotten?
This Hat. For a dollar. Still love it.

Style you would love to try?
Mint Jeans! If anyone knows where they are help a sista out!

Last week was a crazy busy overwhelming week, I took a break from my weekly Mini Bucket List because I (1,2,3) I needed to focus on a certain things.

Mini Bucket List #4
1. Feed the ducks.
2. Splash park, hopefully a nice
day is coming!
3.Get Pedi.
4. Send out my letter to my pen pall/sister
5. Paint my lamps!! I found some :)
6. Get drop clothes and paint them, for future DIY curtain.
7. Make housewarming gift/basket.
8. Attempt to decorate a cake like this
9. Have the girls paint jewlery boxes.
10. Get my hair done.


  1. How cute are you!! I love your blog, girl!! Thanks for stopping by mine!! :)

  2. I have been wanting to do a bucket list. Ha! Can I put 'do a bucket list' in a bucket list?

    Mama to 9. 12 and under.


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