Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Week Via Iphone

This week.
We whipped out a ton of breakfast burritos to freeze and eat in the mornings. I'm thinking this will save us a lot of time.

We went to our towns "live at five" with tons of vendors and some music. My little one chooses to wear her sunglasses upside down because "she likes them that way"

We picked cherries on Friday and it was so much fun, and quite messy for a 1.5 year old.

Me and my misses had a park date that ended up being way to much fun.

I  finished painting the mailbox for Raygans room, and got my craft on for my favorite little mans first birthday party.

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  1. Love your idea of freezing breakfast burritos! What do you put in the filling?

  2. Ooh I love that breakfast burrito idea! Can I ask you for the recipe?

  3. Just found your blog on Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles. Glad I did - love your blog! New follower :)

    Where did you get that maxi dress?

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