About Me

Hi! I'm ashlea!

This is us.

 I'm assuming you care to know a little something about me since you are in this section of my blog! So here goes!
I'm a soon to be wife to the best man ever and together we have two sweet little girls that we are totally obsessed with. Also we recently learned we will be welcoming another little nugget this November. We live in the Pacific Northwest but I dream of someday living in Connecticut with a beach house. I survive on caffeine and believe in coffee at any hour. We dance all day and sing all night... or damn near close. Either way I'm set out to make memories with every step I take using this blog to capture our greatest of moments.

I write about our daily happenings as well as the random thoughts that go through my head, as I'm sure you've noticed, my girls are my favorite and they are my favorite thing to talk about!
Fun Facts:
I'm a young mama and had both my girls before I was 22.
I love all kinds of patterns, chevron, cheetah...etc.
I love diet soda and that's an ongoing battle.
I'm a stay at home mama and my girls are my universe.
I love food, but I am a picky eater.
I dream of living in Conneticut.

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