Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Five on Friday

I started reading 'heaven is for real' last night and damn near read the entire book. If it wouldn't have been for cameron coming into our room and literally shutting the lights off on me I probably would have. I didn't even protest his actions knowing 6am feedings would come to early. And here i am sitting at 615 just finished feeding rour. I dove head first into this (incredible!) book and I'm eager to finish it today. Has anyone else read it? also? any suggestions for my next read? It's been awhile since I've even opened a book, now I feel I'm going to be on a reading binge.

Tomorrow is Cameron's birthday!!!! Holla 25 years! We have a tapenyaki style dinner planned and then going for drinks afterwards! I can not begin to tell you how excited I am! I need it, he needs it. We need it.

You guys-I have literally & honestly like 15 different posts in my drafts. Some are done, some need photos, some I've been writing just for the sake of writing. & I'm even sorting out wedding photos & trying to figure out how I'm going to show them. I'm thinking every Wednesday? Is there some sort of link up or anything I should know about?

Everytime a season starts to come to an end my dinner ideas start to dwindle. I'm over the hearty wintery meals and ready for bbq. One reason being the simple fact that I usually only do the sides when it comes to the grill! So it tonight is not a BBQ night, then I think we shall order pizza. 

Also? I have terrible sinus' and decided to take a 'shot' of the doterra essential oils. I looked up a little recipe & went for it. I do believe it helped, although I'm not a big fan of lavender flavor in my mouth. But whatev, I'm all for the new age Meds. (Insert peace sign) 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Treasure Hunting

I decided I was going to float to their boat. We had no agenda other than turning an ordinary Thursday into an awesome day. I've had a rough couple weeks with these kiddos not listening to me mixed with a little bit of screaming-I gotta work on that! So sunshine and an adventure day was what we had in store for us, thanks to a little shove from Cameron to get me going or we would have stayed home all day which I'm sure would have been fabulous too since that never happens.

We lounged around the house, allowing them to tell me when they were about ready to leave because I was floating by their boat-and by 12:45 Remys boat was still naked and Raygans was more then ready to get out of the house moving forward with our game plan we created. We stopped at one little store for a couple natural teething remedies for little Rour and then went for ice cream-because what's an amazing day without ice cream? After that we went to our favorite antique store that we haven't been to since wedding planning took over my life. Remy went right to the beloved Golden book section and picked out a couple books and Raygan found her dream (vintage) car. We walked around, My breathe was taken away by their Pyrex section as always and they love looking at all the "old" stuff. We managed to tuck ourselves in the back where the girls were occupied with old (umm a phone with a cord) phones where they played between the two of them and I was able to feed little sister quickly before moving on.

I went by their rules. If they wanted to look we looked, and if they wanted to keep going we kept on walkin, if they wanted to go home, hell we would have went home. We left with some great little treasures and headed to our next favorite spot. The bookstore with the trains-which coincidentally they didn't play with the trains at all. We sat and read books, we read every Olivia book and they managed to get me to buy one for home. I'm a sucker for books.

Our girls date was just what we needed. I had no to do list, I just let the girls lead the day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some thoughts

I've been reading way to much about GMOs therefore I'm turning into a label snob. I'm disgusted, outraged and annoyed by the entire subject so until further ado this family is steering towards the organic isles and purchasing produce organically or locally. I'm trying. I know there's no way to eliminate all of it because some days I just want a damn Oreo and on the others the kiddos will only eat chicken nuggets. We have no tader joes or whole foods so that doesn't help the mater, but Yokes has been calling our names and making dents in my mans wallet that's for sure. I thought he was going to DIE when he saw the price of milk I was trying to switch us too-and this is why he usually never makes it to the grocery store with me.

I'm dying for spring. Ok I said it. As much as I despise summer in these parts I'll go for spring now. I just need to find some awesome head wraps and such and I'll be set, I've became so accustomed to hats on my head or scarfs around my neck Im not sure how Ill survive throughout summer without.

I'm as ready as ever to start school. I've chosen university of Phoenix for one main fact: I'm a mom. I just can't GO to school right now, not happening. We are just waiting for some more paperwork (of course) and I'll be ready-after I buy my share of new pretty pens and office supplies. Nothing gets this girl more excited.

We are planning our summer and I cant help but be SO thankful that I don't have a wedding at the end of the summer. I tried so hard to not let it take up all of my summer last year, but it was a wedding and it did. This summer is going to be epic, full of memories that don't include wedding planning. zoo trips being scheduled and camp grounds are being scouted!

Me and Raygan have been going at it. WHAT IS WITH FOUR. Anyone out there with a five year old willing to tell me it passes? The worst part about I look at her, and its me. ME. I was a little brat just like that to my mama and now I know the hell I put her through (sorry mama!) Shes my little buddy my best friend, but these last couple weeks have been full of endless screaming tantrums that result in her being sent to her room. Im trying to keep my cool, remembering to breathe, but girlfriend KNOWS how to push my buttons. I've been terrified approaching her in fear of a all subject areas really. I know its a phase and it will pass, but COME on little lady.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Iphone photo dump

Unloading of the Iphone leaves you all with this.

I die over how itty bitty Remy is out of all of the three year olds in her class.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Update

We ate out more than we ate at home, squeezed in a day date with a baby, and had a bad ass family night with just the five of us swimming at the court club and ending the night with pizza.

We went on a walk, the girls got to hang out with Cameron's mom and later got spoiled by my parents at outback. We're  at an awesome stage with all of them where we can go to restaurants and not have to scarf down our food or worry about a awful meltdown. I may have to whip my boob out and feed little rour but that's it, I'm discreet incase you were interested.


And Sunday? Sundays are for sleeping in and Jammie's all day. pancakes. sprinkles for remy and chocolate chips for raygan. It's for painting your toes a pretty shade of pink because whether it's my decision of food, clothing, or nail polish color, my choice if reflected upon my girls. It's for full house episodes on repeat and multiple cups of coffee. Sundays are for endless piles of blankets and baby cuddles.



Thursday, February 20, 2014

"smell her mama"

This right here is what I live to witness.
& her words.
"smell her mama"
are on repeat in my head because I too, know that smell.
I never want to forget either
that baby smell that is going to slip away from me before I know it
& the way my girl looks at her.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kids are weird

What I love the most, is when my girls have no knowledge that I'm listening to them. I love hearing them together, their grown up conversations keep me going. As I'm sure they will boost you aswell.

Remy: that's a butt
Raygan: no that's my chin.
Remy: that's a butt sissy!!!
Raygan: remy, that is my chin, it looks like a butt but that's my chin. Like a butt-chin ya know?

Remy: sissy, shits a bad word.
Raygan: yes it is.
Remy: I know I just told you!!!

Raygan: tell me remy, I'm not going to be mad.
Remy: noooooo
Raygan: fine, I don't want to hear it anyway.

Raygan: your going to go to jail you know?
Remy: good, I don't want to play with you!!

Raygan: Im Elsa.
Remy: No, Im the sister with the powers! ::screaming::
Raygan: No me!
Raygan: How about us both be Elsa the sister with the powers.
Remy: ohh, okay.


Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five!

Hello new blog design. I love you. New year, new baby, new blog, new me? Just kidding...although I sorta kinda feel like that's the case.

1. Pre school is closed! Due to the two inches of snow that have formed on the ground. All of you Minnesota Peeps would laugh right now. Our town gets two inches and we all panic! I was ordered to stay home from Cameron yesterday, I was taken aback hes never that bossy with me...other people yes. me? not so much. Hopefully we will get to build a snowman today. That's all they care about.

2. Father Daughter Ball is tomorrow! And the girls have no shoes, I have no dress, and Im not sure what Cameron is going to wear. And once again, Im ordered to stay home. (2 inches of snow remember?)

3. Rour...Im going to pause right and tell you how much I love her nickname. ROUR. Whenever I say it, I always sing Katy Perrys Roar in my head and that makes me love it that much more! Anywho- shes fabulous. She sleeps through the night and talks so much. I've never heard a baby coo more than this little one. Perhaps she knows shes has two insanely crazy sisters to fight with. Im still waiting for my OMGAWDDD moment and so far it hasn't happened. Quite yet. Im still breast feeding exclusively and she doesn't love the bottle. Lets see how tomorrow night goes with my mama watching her for our father daughter ball date.... 

4. Ive been dealing with this massive headaches. I get them on and off throughout the day. And right when I think I haven't had any for a while they come back.  I have taken it upon myself to diagnosed these symptoms. DUN DUN DUN Cluster headaches like my dad. Breast feeding limits to medication is not helping either. I need insurance-like yesterday so I can figure out these beast of headaches. My plan for the time being is to enhance my diet. Ive been doing GREAT until I ran out of produce and once again in this post Im stuck home. Stock up on some essential oils and try to squeeze in as many showers as I can. The pressure hitting my head feeling like its bursting out my eyeballs is the best feeling yet.
Any ideas? Know anyone suffering from cluster headachs...aka "suicide headachs"  My dads gave me all of his tricks and Im willing to try ANYTHING other than Redbull. My high school partying days screwed that one up for me.

5. I got the BEST rain boots yesterday in the mail from Joules. Im OBSESED and it couldn't have been perfect timing due to my old rain boot blow out. Im calling it that because the zipper broke in the middle...ya know? Like its fully zipped than it just comes undone in the middle! Im willing to pay big bucks to get it fixed! oh and so I can wear them in the snow today! Keep an eye out for their feature on this little blog.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Linking up here!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Remys Pixie Hallow: 3

We had a party.
I took very few photos of the actual party itself  but had a really good time. Despite all of the help from my parents we hosted a pretty darn good party! We held it in our shop beIcause our house can't hold all of thosie people, and our shop was pushing it!

 and a big thank you to my mama for her crafty tinker bell shoes

Im obsessed with these labels from Tiny Prints, perfect for our popcorn bags!
These labels were so perfect for the job!


She opted for a tinkerbell theme this year, so we created her her very own Pixie Hallow. She deserved every second of it, and I'm so very appreciative of all of our family and friends who continue to support and love our little ones. I could not ask for a better group of people to surround our family around.

She doesn't like the attention and cried when she was suppose to hit the piƱata she's been waiting to wack for weeks. She gave everyone a turn and then went for it again-wacking that thing as hard as she could, then ran crying to daddy. She blew out her candle as nervously as can be and decided to sit on the couch with a sucker inside while all of the other kids were running amok.

That's our girl.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fingers crossed

We're packers fans truly, Green and yellow has my husband heart. But, being washington state bread it goes without saying we are Seahawks fans aswell. We never miss a game and have been cheering along with every #12thman and #12thwomen this year, along with years passed. 

It's radiating. I can only imagine what the city of Seattle feels like. The parties, and shenanigans going on this weekend are going to be insane and those there are lucky to be apart of it. 

It's heartwarming. All of the "do good" stories that have stemmed throughout this season. The amazing things all of the hawks players and their coach have done for their fans would bring you to tears. 

It's connecting. I live three hours south of Seattle and you cannot leave the house without seeing a sea of blue and green. It's amazing literally. People are walking around wearing hundred dollar jerseys like it's nothing . Flags are waving, and windows are painted. On the way to the grocery store today and saw a truck driving with a giant Seahawks flag flowing in the back. we drove behind him noticing all of the people walking on the side walk shaking their fits at the truck, or hooting and hollering in encouragement. Starbucks is offering free drinks for those wearing hawks gear and so is Dutch brothers. 

I can't get over it. It's amazing. That's the only word I can even scrounge up. It's bringing our communities together and we're rooting so hard for them! 

I'm crossing my fingers. 

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