Friday, June 13, 2014

Strawberry pickin' and ballet weekend

Shits goin' good. This week was officially the beginning of summer  A ribbon cutting declaration consisting of a mini road trip to pick strawberries and by Friday we were at the farmers market eating donuts on national donut day. It's things like that that make me feel on point-like this mom slash life gig is going well. I'm embarrassed to admit that my legs are still a little sore from our berry picking adventure, but yeah, they are. 




Our weekend consisted of ballet. Lots of ballet, rehearsal Friday evening and Saturday was their grand recital. Being the seasoned ballet mom that I am I knew what to expect out of this end of the season hurrah. Hot.hell. And this year I had two girls to get through. Thankfully they were only two classes performing in between them & they were in the first act-meaning, we were home by 6:30. Score. 


They both did so great. Honest to goodness smiles worked their way across my girls faces and I once again I was a crazy person all day. Fortunately cameron is the only one who is blessed to see it & put up with it. I, the amazing-on-top-of-it mama that I am remembered to charge the video camera perhaps five minutes before us gals needed to leave the house. I told cameron NOT TO FORGET THE VIDEO CAMERA, and then text him to as we pulled out of the driveway to bring the big girl camera. That you guys, is trust. Honest to goodness TRUST. Never in my life did I think I would be able to trust him with not only remembering to bring the video camera, but also my big girl camera when Im not as on top of my shiz as I should be. In case your wonderin' he followed through. And picked up flowers on the way. Good fella he is.


  1. As always, your babies make me DROOOOL. Seriously they are the cutest/sweetest girls ever. And how about that berry picking! Oh my gosh! There is a little place close to us that does something similar but it's very limited. Like you get a little baggy of fruit and that's it.

  2. Oh how fun! I've always wanted to take my son berry picking, maybe we will find a place this summer. Love the photos - your girls are too cute!

  3. I've said it before and I will say MANY, MANY, MANY times again...they're beatiful!!!! LOVE all these pictures, but seriously those ballet pictures. Way tu-tu precious! ;) & those flowers in their hair. Adorable. &hears;

  4. LOVE! Your girls are the prettiest. And the ballet pictures melt me.

    Confession - my legs are sore from squatting in the photo booth and dancing at the wedding. Ha

  5. Eeeek.....we are total dance mom's. I just posted about my girls' recital, too!! Your girls are darling in their little tutu's. Recital days are SO FUN!

  6. you are so real.
    that first paragraph..
    love it!
    we have yet to do our berry picking, so i'm living through your experience. haha
    and your girls, as always, are beautiful.


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