Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mini Bucket List

I have been working on a large Bucket List for the summer. I wanted to make it to 50 things. Its tough guys, especially when you know that a lot of your summer is going to be softball tournaments now! Not to mention we don't even know his schedule yet! If I haven't mentioned it before I'm a list and schedule person. A complete freak actually. You have no idea how bad its eating away at me.

So being inspired byKelle Hampton I started a mini bucket list. I always always have a giant to do list in my notebook that I don't rip out until everything is scratched off. Actually I have two. For obviously different categories.

This mini bucket list is stuff that I want to accomplish within a week. One week! Its not my usual list of boring things like paying the bills or my cleaning list.

My Mini Bucket List:
-Send my sister a nice little "pick me up card"
-make a bunch of love notes for my hubbs and place them in fun places
-let Raygan do my makeup
-go for ice cream
-Paint my nails a new color
-Paint Raygans play mailbox
-Find lamps for our bedroom
-do a least two photo shop tutorials
-get a new book. ( want to read a series any suggestions?)
-wear earrings.

Haha some of you looking at my list must think I'm an extremely boring person if I have those little things like hmm wear earrings. But hey I'm trying :)


  1. ok, how sweet is this! i especially love the one: let Raygan do my makeup :) how adorable. make sure to take plenty of pics!

    xo, amanda

  2. Cute blog! I found it through Its the Little Things. I am a new follower:)

  3. What a cool idea! I should do this!

  4. Mini bucket list is cute ;) Found you from the hop! Love for you to follow back!

    Look forward to following you! You have cute kiddos!!!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  5. Cute blog! The first task on your list is SO sweet! I have 2 sisters. :)
    I'm your newest follower from the blog hop 'til you drop!
    Come visit me at

    xo -S

  6. I love your bucket list! I just may have to steal a couple of these.. like wear earrings & paint my nails-- I rarely do either of those! If you want book recommendations, I just finished reading Bloom by Kelle Hampton and now I'm currently reading Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson-- another blogger!


I love your sweet words!

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