Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Being a Mama

My girls, I love both of them with my whole heart. Sometimes so much it hurts.

Before I was a mama, I would see kid throw fits in public and immediately think that their parents were "obviously doing something wrong" now I know that's not always the case. I thought that my niece didn't eat because they didn't cook for her or expose her to the right foods, and now I know that sometimes a toddler just wont eat.

Before I was a mama I swore I would never do things that I now have been guilty of doing. There were times where I would get Raygan a bag of Cheetos {cringe} just to sit her little but in the grocery cart without screaming to get out the entire time. We have now moved on to those little applesauce bags.(thank you inventor because my child will not eat applesauce unless its in a bag...texture issue)

There have been times where my old self would have lost my cool, but they mama in me has mastered the art of patients. I never knew how much work it would be to get a single child dressed. Literally just getting dressed. Wouldn't we all love to run around naked and care free?

I never thought I would be the crazy mama that would have to tell the grandparents "no fast food, not ever, not just this one time, literally never" over and over.

I never knew that I could know a little body so well. I know what they are going to do before they do it. Mama knows best. {humming  Tangled Mama knows best listen to your mum-si}

Im cherishing the memories we have dancing to The Fresh Beat Bands Rockstar Jacket, because I know its not going to last very long, as well as watching Raygan pour out her emotion in their song A Friend Like You. {seriously I need to put a video on here for you guys, she could be an actress}

There are frustrating moments like when Raygan will.not.get.out. of her high heel play shoes to go to the park after insisting that she could get hurt with them on, or even worse get bark in her shoe (that just tickles her fancy) or like when Remy is screaming at the bathroom door to take a bath right in the middle of something, just mentioning the word bath girlfriend stripes her clothes no matter where shes at.

The constant clink clink clink of the girls high heels on the hardwood is now a normal noise in our house along with the the girls own little language.

These girls have my whole heart, they have taught me to be a better person and live life to the fullest, while enjoying the little things in life that I forget are even there.


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  1. this was just perfect. being a mama is thee best job but also the hardest and full of many surprises. it's crazy how much our little ones teach us about ourselves and how much we can accomplish during nap time! lol.

    xo, amanda


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