Thursday, May 31, 2012

Party Planning: Ballerina Party

My girl will be 3 in less then 3 months. What!? Where has all of this time gone? so cliche. But seriously. It's the craziest thing to watch your little one grow and progress into a little person. I don't know how any one would want to skip out on that opportunity.

Anywho, Ill save the mushy stuff for her birth day. In the mean time its party planning time. Something I love and thrive on. I stay up late to finish project and decorate pretty cookies. I become like a crazy person and start assigning jobs to people like my mom & dad, and brother and of course my hubbs.

My girl wants a ballerina party. She's been saying it for months and I thought it would change a million times by now, but nope her decision is still going strong.

So bring on the pink, and the tutus! We are having it at a park right up the street from our house because our back yard is not up to par for guests. (thank you landlord for not wanting to fix our sprinklers or put in any grass) Its a cute little park with tons of shade for little babies and a nice area of toys. We go there almost daily so Raygan will be excited its at the her park.

yes, and yes. I will most definitely have tables set for pretty little girls, and I'm loving, or should I say obsessed with the silhouette. Except white.

So far I know I want pink & white, with polka dots and stripes. I want it very girl because Raygan is at the girliest stage ever. Literally I have to convince her to wear jeans. She is the complete opposite as I was as a little girl. I love it. That's what having a little girl is all about.


  1. Aw, little ones grow up so fast! Sadly no ballerina parties for me, we have TWO boys! So, I'm thinking dinosaurs, race cars and super heroes. :p

    Raygan is such a cute name!

    xo -Shar

  2. Check out she just photographed a ballerina party.


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