Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five!

Hello new blog design. I love you. New year, new baby, new blog, new me? Just kidding...although I sorta kinda feel like that's the case.

1. Pre school is closed! Due to the two inches of snow that have formed on the ground. All of you Minnesota Peeps would laugh right now. Our town gets two inches and we all panic! I was ordered to stay home from Cameron yesterday, I was taken aback hes never that bossy with me...other people yes. me? not so much. Hopefully we will get to build a snowman today. That's all they care about.

2. Father Daughter Ball is tomorrow! And the girls have no shoes, I have no dress, and Im not sure what Cameron is going to wear. And once again, Im ordered to stay home. (2 inches of snow remember?)

3. Rour...Im going to pause right and tell you how much I love her nickname. ROUR. Whenever I say it, I always sing Katy Perrys Roar in my head and that makes me love it that much more! Anywho- shes fabulous. She sleeps through the night and talks so much. I've never heard a baby coo more than this little one. Perhaps she knows shes has two insanely crazy sisters to fight with. Im still waiting for my OMGAWDDD moment and so far it hasn't happened. Quite yet. Im still breast feeding exclusively and she doesn't love the bottle. Lets see how tomorrow night goes with my mama watching her for our father daughter ball date.... 

4. Ive been dealing with this massive headaches. I get them on and off throughout the day. And right when I think I haven't had any for a while they come back.  I have taken it upon myself to diagnosed these symptoms. DUN DUN DUN Cluster headaches like my dad. Breast feeding limits to medication is not helping either. I need insurance-like yesterday so I can figure out these beast of headaches. My plan for the time being is to enhance my diet. Ive been doing GREAT until I ran out of produce and once again in this post Im stuck home. Stock up on some essential oils and try to squeeze in as many showers as I can. The pressure hitting my head feeling like its bursting out my eyeballs is the best feeling yet.
Any ideas? Know anyone suffering from cluster headachs...aka "suicide headachs"  My dads gave me all of his tricks and Im willing to try ANYTHING other than Redbull. My high school partying days screwed that one up for me.

5. I got the BEST rain boots yesterday in the mail from Joules. Im OBSESED and it couldn't have been perfect timing due to my old rain boot blow out. Im calling it that because the zipper broke in the middle...ya know? Like its fully zipped than it just comes undone in the middle! Im willing to pay big bucks to get it fixed! oh and so I can wear them in the snow today! Keep an eye out for their feature on this little blog.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Linking up here!


  1. Love the new blog design! Your picture at the top is GORGEOUS :) Let's see a picture of these boots! I bought a cheap pair at Walmart to hold me by until I'm willing to fork over the cash for some nice ones. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg though!

  2. Stopping by from the link up. I get massive headaches lately too. Think it's from not taking in enough and breastfeeding.

  3. Your new blog design is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I love that wedding photo of you!! Could you be any more beautiful....My GOSH!!! Gorgeous!!

    Eeekk...SNOW!! (thanks for the shout out, btw!!) Snow is not something to mess with, for sure. But, us Minnesotan's are pretty used to it..unfortunately! ;) I hope it clears up SOON! Sounds like an AMAZING event you have coming up..Father/Daughter Ball?? LOVE.IT!

    Now....go on and build that SNOWMAN!! ;) Are your girls as obsessed with the songs from Frozen as mine are?

  4. I love the new blog look! Headaches SUCK, I wish there was some magical remedy I could pass along but no one has passed it along to me yet. Good Luck, hope they go away soon.

  5. So looking forward to pictures from the father-daughter ball! What a sweet event :)

    Hope you get a break from the cluster headaches soon and get to enjoy the snow!

  6. I'm obsessed with your new design. Looks so profesh! I'm sorry to hear about your headaches...I've never really had those but I've heard how rough they can be. Hope you get some time to rest in the next few weeks!


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