Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Long Overdue-Father Daughter Ball 2013

 I had typed this the night of the ball, and just now found the time to put the pictures together. I hope you all love them as much as I did! You can see our Last Yeas Father Daughter Ball here
Before I even begin filling you in on our 2013 father daughter ball experience I want to tell you all what we were dealing with. -I got a phone call from my mom the day before telling me how incredibly sick my dad was and that their was a chance that he wouldn't be able to make it. Needless to say I was crushed but he pulled through at the end like a champ I may add. Next: The day of Remy woke up with sick eyes. If your a mama you know you can see it in their eyes. I stared pumping the the Tylonal because I felt her getting warm. She took two naps and she usually doesnt even take one nap anymore and I barley woke her up in time to throw her clothes on and get out of the door. Meanwhile I turn around and big sister is out for the count, fully dressed head to toe and hair straightened. I reminded Cameron to not let me get out of hand on how the night is suppose to go rather than how the night will end up. I have a problem with perfection and timelines. It's about the girls and as long as they are having fun that's what matters.

yes both of these are five mins before we were supposed to leave the house. How I kept my cool I will never know.
I managed these ones before she passed out on us.
Hugs//Showing daddy her new shoes//daddy lovins

Anyway-We got their and to Raygans excitement it was a "ball with her daddy" she has been talking about it for days and carried her new patent leather white shoes every single place she went. Slept in them, and even insisted we put them in a backpack and bring them with us to the park so they dont get dirty of course. (gf knows whats up!)
She looks so incredibly old here.

She was a tad shy and withdrawn as she is in all big events and Remy was just kind of wondering what the hell was going on and why the hell is this person putting a wrist band on me. (Apparently a knew form of security which completely annoyed me, I'm going to have giant red wrist bands in our 40 dollar photos!)

We hung out and waited for people to hit the dance floor then both my girls scooped up a dude and took them to the dance floor like it was their job. Ah, I die.
Remy snagged papa//Raygan grabbed daddy//and three girls fighting over sprite.
niece & Raygan// me and the sickies//cameron and sicky//
Raygan and my niece again. 

We danced to gang man style and my dad surprised me and busted out the dance. You haven't seen anything till you've seen dozens and dozens of 40-60 year old men move to gangman style. They played songs by Taylor swift and Justin Beiber and I love seeing all these dads (especially my man of course) take the time to set their coolness aside and hang with their girls.

We were getting ready to end the night and miss thang was simply not ready so we hung out another 15 minutes and little Remy was damn near asleep on me.

We had a great night. The girls had an amazing time and danced the night away. Raygan told us as we put her in her carseat that "her body was sore" ohh girlfriend mama too, I haven't danced or worn high heels in a very long time let alone do both at the same time.

This was mine and my dads 16 father daughter ball, Raygans 3rd and Remys 2nd. Needless to say It went smooth and I never lost my cool. I'm getting better at just rolling with it, finally after all these years.


16 years and counting.


  1. This is too adorable! how nice that your girls get to share something with their dad, that you have shared with yours for so many years.

  2. Ashlea, you are so cute with your traditions! I can't believe your Dad almost missed it! I bet nothing would keep him from coming. I can't believe that it was been sixteen years that you guys have gone!! So happy you shared these pictures!!!
    Love, LeeAnn

  3. What a fun event! Looks like you all had a blast!!! :-)

  4. This is the absolute sweetest. Who puts on this daddy-daughter ball?
    I can't get over the fact that there's two generations of daddys and daughters there.
    That's a really special tradition to pass down to your girls.
    Beautiful family you have.

  5. This is an awesome post. I like that the fellas were dancing to the new music, the thought made me laugh. :)

  6. oh my goodness, I love this. I always wished this had been a tradition with my dad and I. I guess it's never too late to start??

  7. You have such a sweet family! What a special tradition to have :))
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Imma grab your button if ya don't mind...



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