Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Lately Via Iphone

1. We signed Raygan up for T-ball, and stopped to take a photo of course. Oh and your talking to the new assistant coach over hereee :) Another mama friend and myself are going to tackle a group of 3/4 year olds! woohooo
2. Sitting with a nervous nelly before dance class. NEWS She was a big girl and marched into dance class with no mama and danced like a big girl, no tears!
3. Raygan stopped the ballerina line to smile for her mama-oops
4. I created a 'home binder' for some it's pure happiness for others a tad obnoxious. i.e the part where I have a slot for take out menus, that would be the obnoxious part according to Cameron. I dont think he will ever fully understand my hate for clutter, maybe one day he'll learn to appreciate it :)
5. This is our morning, every morning.
6. I ditched the kids in search of a good pair of jeans. Thats me having zero luck inside kohls (I had kohls kash) but I did score on a pair of polka dot jeans and two tops (lc line, truly love her line) but I suppose polka dot pants arent an everyday item...
'Spur the moment family mini hike'
thats what I'm calling these photos. Long title I know, but it was so fun even if I had to grab a child for hostage just to take a damn photo with me! and yes, Raygan and myself are in flats-I said it was spur the moment.
Then we stopped for ice cream.


  1. I love #5, so cute.... and then of COURSE there is always a moment when no one wants to take a picture with you, kids! :)

  2. Adorable! I'm obsesssssed with LC's line at Kohl's. So cute-and always on sale!!!

  3. What fun pictures. The hike looks like it was a blast!

  4. I love the picture of you! So loving the mustard color. And nice angle on the stacked rock picture! :)

  5. Raygan is so so adorable and what a cute name! I love it! I like your shopping outfit at Kohls and I also love LC's line, she has such cute stuff.

  6. Too cute! We just signed Mason up for Blast Ball {it's the level before Tball}. So excited!

    Y'all are adorable. Let me know if you get back on Instagram!

  7. you are such a good mama! so awesome you get to coach :)


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