Friday, March 15, 2013

Fridays Letters

Dear cameron: your welcome for the front row concert that went on to this song, on the way to my parents. Wasn't it fab?

Dear girls: you continue to surprise me daily with your little brains. They are like sponges ya know? Raygan you mimic me, then before your even finished remy starts mimics big sister.

Dear pregnant homeless lady: I wish I would've seen your cigarette in your hand before I handed you 3 dollars for your sign that read "pregnant anything helps" that oh so snagged my attention!

Dear friends: speaking of friends I want to introduce you to this fine lady! She's a real life BFF and has decided to join the life of blogging. You should totally go check out her blog.

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  1. Awww I wish I could hear Raygan mimic you...I bet that's seriously the cutest thing ever. I'm following LeeAnn now, too :).

    And ummmmm, a preggo lady smoking? Are you for real? Just not right!

  2. Oh my! You are soo sweet! I am very honored to be a real life bestie because you are one of the greatest Mommy's I know! Thank you for ALL your help in my venture to the blogging world. I couldn't be more pleased:) Love you!


I love your sweet words!

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