Thursday, November 7, 2013

You Know You're About to Have a Baby When

Your four year old tells you "your belly's getting so big mom, she's coming any minute" and your two year old is asking you if they are going to "cut your baby out" at every tedious doctors appointment.  

When all of your bills are paid, and the ones at the beginning of December are already taken care of as well. 
When your squeezing every single appointment possible in so that we can lay as low as we can after she arrives. From oil changes to hair and dentist appointments to photography newborn consultations. 

When you start to panic because you realize you hardly have anything, let alone a room organized and ready.  

When you have people asking you left and right what kind of food allergies your family has in hopes to send over a nice meal after she's here. 

When your husband asks you why your breathing so hard -every single day- and you lay down in bed at night curious as to why the hell your heartburn can't at least come during the day. 

When your up at 4am anxiously putting baby items in your cart on your cell phone because you can't sleep and apparently 4am is a productive time. 

When you start planning where the big sisters are going to go and prepping them for mamas hospital stay. 

When you stare at your kids in awe and a lump somehow makes it's way to the tip top of your throat and you wonder how they will react with a new baby sister and instantly panic and you start biting your nails and fidgeting

When your maternity jeans nearly have wholes in the knees and you refuse to buy any other piece of clothing that won't fit after pregnancy because your just too close-so you settle for leggings instead. 

When you barely turn in the middle of the night and then want to die for few short minutes because of it causing your ligaments to pull to the brim. 

When you completely and totally forget what it's like to feel 'normal' and take nearly two baths a day to help relieve  a week long migraine and massive rib pain that just doesn't stop. 

When you notice you are starting to "nest" because you start washing your dog at the most random part of the day, or you decide to make cookies at 10 pm.

if you cant tell these photos are from my babyshower put on by my mama, mother in law, and sister in law. Love them! 


  1. Eeek, how far along are you now? You look so good!

  2. You look, AH-MAZING!! I cannot wait for that little babe to arrive. The little comments your girls said about baby coming are just precious. So glad you have it documented here to remember forever their thoughts on a new sister.

  3. You are so so gorgeous! I hope your shower was a blast!

  4. Hmmm I wonder if baby is here yet...;-)

  5. Sweet pictures! Hopefully the baby arrives soon! You sound ready for baby :)


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