Tuesday, October 22, 2013

She knows

I've been enjoying my time with my little rascals since preschool started for raygan and it is much much needed for this mama due to the arrival of little miss #3 in T minus 6 weeks. The first couple days we didn't know what to do with ourselves while she was away, then we started going to Starbucks and getting cake pops and things like that. 
She gets spoiled, and is even more crazier, how that's possible I'm
Not sure because she has the most giant personality for her tiny little body and loves to make you laugh. The silliest of sillys. She's feisty and fierce and I will always worry about her. She is so stubborn and is every square inch her daddy's child and he basks in it.

You have to hold back your laugh when punishing because she's so witty and cute and knows how to steal your heart, she will have you swooning by the end of the day, I promise you that, despite her attitude. 

Of course she knows she's getting a new baby sister, and talks to my tummy all throughout the day, with all kinds of loves in between. "It's meeee remmmmy hiii baby!" But she knows more, she knows her world is about to be rocked. She's needing me more, and I'm oh so happy to oblige. 

Let's be honest, she's always leaned slightly more to the daddy side of the scale rather than the mama, don't get me wrong both our girls are so very attached to both if us because well cameron has had the opportunity to be home a lot throughout their years. But lately she's been needing her mama. My independent gal needs held and carried and loved all day, and like I said I'm happy to oblige, because my world is about to be rocked just as much. 

When I get up for a drink of water-three.feet.away. "I wanna goooo withhhh youuuu" so she does. 

She's been creeping into our bed around midnight where as she usually wouldn't come in until about 6 and sleep for another hour then wake up for the day. My sweet thing has been using her blanky again for swaddling purposes like she used to-she walks up to me with her blanket, turns around and expects you to wrap it around her-and god forbid the print is facing her skin because she will let you know. "Otherrrr wayyyy!!!!" She's also managed to find her stuffed giraffe that sings the abcs in the move and is now carrying it everywhere and sleeping with it. She even got me to spoon feed her Mac and cheese in my lap-swaddled in her blanket-yelling at me everytime it wound slip off her shoulders "immmm colllld, pull it up!" I fell for it and the entire time raygan was laughing hysterically saying "why are you being a baby rem!!" 

Needless to say, I'm soaking in, and enjoying my time with these two. I'm thankful that we're getting some alone time while raygan is in school and trying to prep myself for this new baby. I keep telling myself I've been through this before and I don't need to be an emotional train wreck like I was before remy joined us, and after for that matter. I know everything will work out fine and I'm trying not to let these crazy hormones get the best of me. 

I'm thankful that I have a great, hands on husband who is fortunate to be home a lot and is going to take these two probably everywhere he goes the first couple weeks-and I'm already aware that I'll be so sad that they are all "buddy buddy" and he'll be the "fun one" I know this, and I also know it'll all be okay. 
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  1. Of course she knows!! Her days are numbered being the 'baby' of the family - soak up all those extra snuggles and alone time with her.

  2. what a cute post... good luck with the coming baby!! i have a toddler and he's super active.. =) do you want to follow each other? following you now on bloglovin =)


  3. awww.... what a cutie she is, definitely sounds like she is milking some of those moments. I'm sure she will be just great with the new baby, already talking to her in your tummy is a good start.

  4. She does know! Aww! Enjoy your time with those 2 sweet littles. I can't wait to 'meet' #3. And I can't wait to hear her name!!!


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