Monday, October 21, 2013


Oh heavens. 

I'm in over my head, we've been without Internet for a little bit while we've been settling in.  I'm dying to catch up on blogs and jump back into mine. We're pretty much all unpacked, but nothing on the walls in hopes that I get to paint this week, we shall see. Just our room, and the girls. I have a love hate relationship with this giant tree that is covering the walls in the girls room. I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do with it. Leave it on the wall and continue along with the ever popular woodland theme-that I don't hate that's for sure. Or paint over it and start fresh, im still trying to figure It out. Woodland may be my type of theme, but giant murals on walls aren't exactly my favorite of things. 

I forgot what it's like to move, we still have lots at the old house, and probably will forever in that garage because our bachelor buddy moved in after us and said we can keep crap there until whenever-so I'm taking advantage. I see a giant yard sale coming in the spring time, and it'll be the best one ever I'm telling ya. 

We love it. We've played outside everyday and are still getting used to the chilly mornings with wood floors. But we're happy, and I cannot wait until I'm a tad bit more settled. The girls love every square inch of this house and love the freedom they have with their very own luscious back yard. I feel like a normal mom, opening the door and setting them free. We are eating breakfast in the dining room and creating new routines. 

I'm getting used to creaky hardwoods  and doors that lock without the use of a key which has bitten me in the ass once or twice and I had to send a kid through the doggy door, which lead to their current favorite way of entering the house-the doggy door. I'm figuring out timing for driving because it's quite a bit further from
The main part of town we used to live in, and cameron is convinced I won't spend as much money with being at a farther distance. 

The girls have brought to my attention "our new gas station" and "our new store" because we are now Safeway peeps rather than Albertsons for quick trips. And while I'm at it I'll state how utterly disappointed I am In Safeway, not a 20oz squirt in the entire store and only one pie, thank goodness we wanted apple. 

We're enjoying our new home and each others company! 


  1. Welcome back! Glad you guys are getting all settled in!

  2. Hey you!! So glad you're settling in and you all LOVE your new home and yard. It sure makes a difference when the girls have some freedom to run and play.

    I kinda like the tree mural - but, it definitely needs some little painted birds or owls. Are the girls sharing a room?

  3. Glad you guys are getting all settled in! Having a yard is exciting too :D I like the tree mural, but agree with Dawn - it needs a little more like little birds.


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