Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Link Up!

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I'm not to be into tv, I rarely watch it and if I do it's because it's been recorded on my DVr and I'm
Playing catch up! And when you go through my list only a couple are actually TV shows haha. 

1: Big Bang theory: bazinga!
2. Modern family
3. E! News
4. Fashion police
5. Chelsea lately
6. Ellen degenerous 
7. and I cant come up with anything else!


  1. Those shows are all hilarious! I love watching the Big Bang Theory and Modern Family :D

  2. I love TV. Especially ABC shows. They're like my drug. After a long day at school and work, nothing is more relaxing than being home and watching one of my shows.

  3. Big Bang is on my "To Watch" list! I can't wait to watch it! Hopefully we'll get caught up fairly fast either this next year or after hubby gets out of the Navy

  4. I love Modern family too!

    Thanks so much for co-hosting with us this week:)


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