Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RoseArt Magic Fun Dough Party!

This post is sponsored by RoseArt

From the second these awesome Magic Fun Dough kits arrived on our front door my girls couldn't contain their excitement. They begged and begged some more to open them and get right to work and I had to be the bearer of bad news and tell them we were going to wait for a fun dress up party with their two best friends that happen to be their cousins. 
Shortly after the gals arrived Raygan ushered them to their dress up outfits, crowns and wands that she and Remy had been dying to use all day long. Then soon enough they were rolling out dough and picking what transfers they wanted to use, the pink fairies were quite the hit for 4 little girls-obviously. 

The process is similar to a temporary tattoo, only better because thanks to RoseArt it's on dough and not on the hands of our littles. You press on your transfer, and with your water applicator press gently while rubbing back and forth, next you peel off your paper and cut it out to put on your stand. The coolest feature and my absolute favorite thing about RoseArt magic fun dough is that the transfer absorbs cleanly in the dough allowing you to use it over and over again. 

It was so fun setting up a special little play date for these girls and watch them interact together through imaginary play and honestly my girls haven't stopped playing with these kits since. They continued to play with them the second they woke up the next morning and on and off throughout the day, they are pretty much professional dough transfer-ers now and need little assisting. 

If your looking for a rewarding gift that allows your child's imagination to grow this is the absolute perfect thing. I personally love giving gifts that are a little out of the ordinary and unexpected. From our experience this would for sure make any child happy and get their brains and hands moving. They are reasonably priced and available in 6 different themes for boys and girls located on craft isles at stores such as Target, Walmart and Amazon of course. I promise you  I'm already eying down the other kits RoseArt has to offer for Christmas gifts for other littles in our family and perhaps get the refill packages for my girls stocking stuffers. 


What kind of Christmas gifts do you have in mind for your little ones? 

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  1. What a cute little playdate - and a fun activity!! My girls would love this!

  2. Aw! I love the dress-up fun, too! It looks like they had so much fun!

  3. Oh how fun! Dress up and a tea party! They look adorable!


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