Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Photos

So we all know how behind I am on this here blog but I still wanted to share these photos of some of our fall festivities. 



We went to a friend of Cameron's mom that does the whole she-bang. Tractor rides to a quaint pumpkin patch, massive amounts of soups and chili, and a pumpkin carving contest. 

Remy struggled to find a "little pumpkin" and settled for two gords because they were small. Everything in her world needs to be small. The smaller chocolate milk, the smaller piece of cake-it doesn't matter what it is, she likes it small and will fight for it, and it's always a win win for raygan who picked out a perfectly plump pumpkin. 


It was a fun outing and I just love fall activities in all shapes and forms oh and a decent family photo doing so-now that's just the icing on top. 


I love your sweet words!

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