Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday


Raygan is officially getting her tonsils out. It was hard finding a time to do so when Im due uhhhhh this week? Is that right? Because Cameron and I both want the week of surgery to be all about Raygan. Especially for my shy, anxiety stricken little girl. She has some massive sleeping issues that reflect on her throughout the day and we're hoping that this will help her. She snores like a 60 year old man and talks and I mean fulll on stories in her sleep. She tosses and turns and sometimes calls out for me in the middle of the night and has no recollection that In even there, sitting on her bed trying to console her, she just looks right through me. Shes always co-slept with us and sometimes still climbs into bed with us, now its really a hit or a miss. And honestly? I don’t mind it, and never have. Especially now with her in pre school, its like my own little time with that weird? Cause Im full on passed out haha. We set the date for December 30, because we don’t do new years anyway, and that way she will only miss one day of school due to the break.


Its beginning to look like a babies coming! I cleaned and got the car seat ready today and the hospital bag is packed. I suppose thats my definition of being ready? I was “checked” Tuesday and I was a 1cm...which was no surprise to me because my babies do not come early. Raygan was 10 days late, and Remy was induced the day before her due date. My body is more then ready. THIS RIB. Has anyone else experienced this right side rib pain? I got it adjusted, and it helped a tad, and by that I mean for like a half of a day so really Im just waiting for this little nugget to come out. I swear this is the worst part...the waiting. Will my water break with no warning, will I have contractions with little warning? We shall see. Im lucky that we live about 5 seconds from the hospital with loads of family close aswell. Shoot, if I have to I could drive there myself while Cameron figures out where the kids will go. I have the grandparents schedules written out so we know whos available on what days.


I asked Cameron the other day to pick up our tree from the old house so we could deck the halls up in here and he dropped the ball on me that he wanted a real tree this year? Come again? When in our 6 years together have we had a real tree? Apparently he wants to start some new tradition, I suppose Ill go for it-if he vaccums....


This year will be THE FIRST year that I haven’t participated in the black Friday madness. Yes, Im one of them and I enjoy every second of it. Ive been going with my mom since forever until she ditched me for vegas and I had to find my own crew. However I will be just as content purchasing every single thing on Amazon this year nestleing a sweet new baby probably in the wee hours of the night, because thats when Im most productive I swear.


We dont have a cable hook up upstairs and we thought we were going to DIE. We were going to have our electrician brother in law put one in, until we noticed HOW AMAZING it is without. The girls wake up and play rather than lay on the couch and ask for chocolate milk. Its been the most aboslute perfect change since we have moved and we all love it. I mean, we still have cable downstairs but Ive noticed that even when we are down here the TV isnt even on. I cant tell you how much I love this.
Happy Friday Friends-

now lets all pray on a little girls arrival here soon


  1. Aww, praying for sweet little Raygan (and her Mommy, too). I had terrible rib pain when I was pregnant with Mason. It was awful!! You are so close, hang in there!!! We get a real tree and I love. There is nothing like coming in the house and smelling fresh pine. Just makes it feel ‘more’ like the holidays!!! But, yes, it’s a pain to keep swept/vacuumed up!


I love your sweet words!

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