Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Kid in Pre K

So we're into week three of having a kid  in pre k. It's been a mild adjustment for all of us because we've never been that fabulous with schedules and its forcing one on us, which is good and we love it. I mean its only three days a week for 2.5 hours but that means that bedtimes need to be on point or our whole week is screwed. And in order for bed times to be "on point" your day has to be pretty damn scheduled. 


Let's start with the first day shall we? We'd prepped, prepared, read books and had been talking about it for weeks! "...All the new things your going to learn and the friends were going to meet!" The morning was perfection, even though she refused to fall asleep the night before, she tossed and turned for a couple hours and finally fell asleep around 11-just splendid for her first day of school. Her nerves were getting the best of her.

So Cameron wasn't able to make it to her first day drop and I'm not sure if that would've changed the outcome, but honestly? It was a mothers nightmare. She was so excited, I dropped Remy off with my best friend and took her for a -first day of Pre K doughnut date- and girlfriend hardly are her doughnut- doughnuts are her favorite treat and she has never been known to not finish one. She was nervous in the backseat and dear lord so was I. Raygan could obviously tell because she caught me speeding. 

Raygan: "Mom  your going to fast" me looking down to check my speed. 
Me: "Your right babe, thank you."
Raygan: "Your welcome mama. Just lookin' out" gosh I love her. 


We walked in, she found her coat rack and I snapped pictures of course. She was shyly walking around the classroom griping my hand as we looked for her name tag. She then started to notice mamas leaving. "Don't leave me yet mama"  I replied  "I'll stick around a little longer" Her eyes filled with tears and she refused to continue on with her name tags necklace and sat in my lap. I  walked her to the bathroom to try and calm her nerves and that didn't help. I got a reassuring look from  her teacher telling me she was ready to take over. 

I hugged her a little longer and told her how much I loved her sweet little soul, I told her it was barely longer then dance class and I'd be the first one there for pick up. I squeezed her and she gripped me like nobody's business and then all hell broke loose, she screamed hysterically. Like hiccup, throat hurting screaming! I grabbed my purse and walked out the door balling. Gripping my phone ready to call Cameron, then my own mama of course. 

My friend whose little boy was in the class met me in the parking lot and we sent her husband back down near the Pre k windows of the giant church to check on her. He said she was calm and fine holding the teachers hand-that's my girl, the teachers pet. Both ballet teachers and swim instructor, that's how she rolls. 

She has never been so excited to see me when I picked her up, and her little sister too. We went for ice cream (duh) and called daddy who was out of town to tell him all about her day. 

Three weeks in and she told me she likes the time she's away from mama. She's bringing things to share in class and she has two friends that I heard from the teacher are inseparable.  


  1. Awww! Looks like she's having a blast! Aubrey starts Pre-K in one month! How did that happen?

  2. aww.... sounds vaguely familiar. You know what is different about your story though... you got to go IN the classroom. I thought it was so weird that we were not allowed to walk in with them, but then again... maybe that would have made it worse (if that is even possible). I bet she is loving it now though, right?!

  3. Cutest pre-schooler I've ever seen!

    Hopefully those tough days of dropping her off are in the past - give her time and she'll be running that school! ;) hehe

  4. Oh my gosh, your blog is so good and super cute, definitely inspires me to keep at mine! And wow your girls are such dolls, they look just like their daddy!!


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