Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My love for Fall

I never truly appreciated fall until recently, I thought I was a summer gal but boy was I wrong, every year my appreciation for this beloved season grows and traditions as well. 
My top ten things I love about fall. 

1. first and foremost, the clothing. Layers and scarfs and boots, I can't get enough. 

2. The crispness in the air, I love the chilly mornings.

3. The calmness it brings, and the schedules created, no matter how much I dislike my house at the moment, it's good to be home. 

4. Darkness, I know I'll be hating this when springs creeping, but for now, my littles sleep better and it's just what I'm needing.

5. Pumpkin- need I say more?

6. The color-all of it, the leaves, the sky, it always takes me by surprise and it's just plane pretty.

7. Starbucks with my man. Ya see, he hates coffee so he pretty much bitches every time he sees an empty cup in my car because it's a waste of money, but when the fall comes, he sets that all aside and joins me in the Starbucks escapade ordering hot chocolate. 

8. The fact that holidays are right around the corner.

9. Family. The closeness, the get togethers. 

10. And this year, fall means another sweet little girl will be joining our family, and that in itself is more than great.

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  1. I too love Fall! It's such a nice, refreshing season!

  2. YES!! YES!! YESS! Fall is becoming my favorite season, too. I always thought of myself as a summer gal, as well, but Fall - Fall is the BEST!

  3. YAY for a new little girl:) I didn't always love fall either but now it's my favorite!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  4. Yes! I always thought Summer was my favorite but over the past few years my love for Fall has blossomed.

  5. I love the crispness in the air! It is one of my favorite things too! Congrats on a new little girl joining your family! That is always exciting!

    Thank you for linking up!


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