Monday, September 2, 2013

Raygan Is 4!!!

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blue faces everywhere

Sweaty Mama with her birthday girl.

Doc Mcstuffins lab coat=way cool.
Daddy riding her BIG surprise in from the car. 
Of course he had to make a grand entrance. 
Happy Birthday Baby girl.

Dear Raygan: 
Written on August 18th 2013

4 years ago you made me a mama. What a crazy four years it has been. You've filled our life with more joy then we ever thought possible along with teaching us new meanings. You are an incredibly happy little girl with the biggest heart I know. You surprise me every single day with your wittiness and your drive to learn, to soak in your world. You've taught me how to love and appreciate and in turn I am great full, I am great full to be your mama and I love you more every single day, I'm
Not sure how it's possible but it is. 

I look forward to year four with you, it's a year full of new beginnings and new adventures.
We love you sweet girl. 

Your party was fab, even with the breeze that forced us to forget about cuteness and concentrate on keeping things taped down. I called my parents in a panic because that's what I do when I need help, and they were already close-to the rescue! 

All of your friends were able to make it and it ended up well! We had it at our local splash park with hot dogs and fruit like our girl requested. She was very sweet to her guests and proved to the quite the hostest, handing out straws and cups and plates like no bodies business. She ripped through presents like it was her job, obviously she received more than she ever needed and she was in birthday heaven all weekend. 

Her very favorite part of her party was blowing out the candles (that the wind kept blowing out on its own) and getting sang too. 

Raygan: mama why did the wind blow out my candles? Did the trees think it was their birthday too? 

Insert puddle on the floor from
Our melted hearts. Cameron and I both just melted like a snowman in Hawaii. 

No need to worry though, we celebrate twice in this household, party day and true birthdays, so she got another set of four candles and another four people that sang to her. 

She's told me numerous times how she loved her party so much and it was the best ever. Yes, right there it makes everything worth it, the loss of sleep, the trips to hobby lobby where little sister loses her mind over candy in the check out isle that "has a fan" and everything else in between.
It was beautiful and so is she. 


  1. Happy birthday to her!!! What a cute fam.

  2. Raygan's face when she saw the labcoat is so precious! You have such an adorable family. :)

  3. What an adorable birthday party! And I absolutely adore that picture of Raygan with her Doc McStuffins lab coat. Priceless! We are Doc McStuffins fans in our house. And love the picture of Daddy riding her birthday bike. Too fun. And that family picture is precious. Can’t wait to see you guys with your 3rd sweet little babe, soon!! And your letter to Raygan…I have tears. So so sweet.

  4. This is adorable! What a great b-day.
    Also, I love the change's on your blog, the yellow is pretty :)


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