Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where I Came From

Where I Came From:
I came from a home where my mom woke me up by singing karaoke and my lunches consisted of cookie cutter sandwiches and a little happy note, this was way before those sandwich cutters ever existed. My dad would take me shopping for clothes and we would sometimes sneak the forbidden taco truck goodness. 

I grew up an only child throughout the school year and the youngest of three during the summer when my brother and sister came to visit. Obviously for an 'only child' my summers were the highlight. My mom was a memory making mama and she always made the very most of the summer, we were always around water of some sort. 

I was a sheltered white picket fence kinda girl and was about as naive as they come. I played sports year round and went to high school football games.  It continued that way until I was a junior in high school and I quit sports fairly abruptly because I was sick of the drama that came along with it. The politics in sports in high school sports.

I'd say I'm a good mix of both of my parents.  Easy going and care free like my mama, and a list making fool like my pops. My moms personality is wacky and wild and I can only imagine what she would be like without my dad, one wild women I’m sure. My moms a talker like myself and shes where I get my appreciation for fun words. My dad is a little more reserved although a spit fire when he needs to be-and surely you never want to see it. Hes a family dude and loves a crowd. I’m lucky I have one set of amazing parents. They may drive each other bat shit crazy but I've never seen a love like theirs.


  1. I would say that i'm a mix of my parents too. i don't think I could have handled being woken up by karaoke.


I love your sweet words!

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