Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lessons of being a Mama


I've learned more in my four years of being a mom then I have in my whole 24 years of life. It's an odd experience really, they say your the perfect mother before you become one and I couldn't agree with that statement more. Prior to being a mom I insisted my kids would be well behaved and know how to act in restaurants and such, well that flew out the window shortly after Raygan was born- she was never the baby you could take to a movie, I'm still not sure how people do that.  

With all that being said, the biggest "lesson" I've learned as a mama, is children do not as you say-but as you do. It's shaped me to do better overall. I eat better, celebrate more, and love greater. These girls are my biggest achievement in life and I never thought that I would learn so much from such little bodies. They make life worth living, and ten times the fun. 

We've learned to pay a tad but more attention to what comes out of our mouth, what we eat, and how we act. Before I became a mom myself, I thought it was all about teaching right from wrong. Now I know that's only the half of it.

I've became more confident in myself in hopes that they grow up fearless and ready to tackle the world. I want them to know that they can achieve anything they hope to. They are the best little bodies and hope to help shape them into the happiest of ladies. 


  1. Your first sentence – so true! I can definitely relate. You are such a good Mama and those girls are so lucky to have you! You can tell the intense love they have for you and it just warms my heart.

    BTW I love your new design!

  2. Preach it sister!!! I agree 100% on kids will do as you act.. not as you say!

  3. I could not agree with you more and I need to make sure to be a better role model for my girls. Because our actions speak louder than words!

  4. I couldn't agree more! Kids pick up on the littlest things, and you really have to watch what you say and do.

  5. You're doing a fabulous job! Parenting is an ongoing learning process and it sounds like you've already figured out some of the most important lessons it has to offer.

  6. I love this post so much! It's very, very true. You're doing a fantastic job, Ashlea! ♥


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