Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blogtember: Day 2

If I could take three months off my life to do anything in the world.

This topic was a little tough for me. I've never been the kind of lady to have wild hopes and dreams, there are places I'd like to go and things I would of course love to see, but a true passionate dream that I would take three months of my life away for? That's another ball game. Time is so precious it's hard to say what I would want to do in exchange for three more months of life.

One thing I have always always wanted to do was travel Ireland. I live in a dessert so I've always been intrigued  by greenery, and hills and cute little brick roads. I'd make sure to stop in some happening pub where mugs of beer are wooshing around. I imagine, in these pubs people are nice and friendly-rather then the scene of idiots at our bars that we try and stay clear of. 
I would take this trip with Cameron obviously, which means we would eat. Eat a lot. Probably planning our days around where and what we wanted to eat. That's how we travel usually because we really like food!

Ps. A big thank you to my friend Jen for helping me out with my blog design! I love love love it and couldn't be more pleased!


  1. I love this new design!!!! It's so you!

  2. I LOVE the new blog look!!

    I have a friend who travels to Ireland every year - she LOVES it.


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