Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Surprise for me!

I woke up this morning sprinting to the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet before it all came out. Thankfully I did because we all know who would be cleaning it-moms always get the shitty deal. However, It's funny how waking up accompanied by a toilet used to be the sign of a good night, now I simply overdid myself.

This weekend was filled with goodness and so much love. My little girl had a birthday and I'm full of ooey gooey feelings. My little girl is 4, which means she can totally jump higher, and she'll gladly show you. Her party was a total blast, but we'll get into that later, girlfriend is getting her own post and I have too many photos to go through!

I stayed up late (like I do before every party) getting last minute things ready and prepping for the day, and after the party all I wanted to do was lay around and let my house get trashed by birthday glory and love every second of it. Until I received a knock on my door and this on my front porch.

I saw my best friend running back into her car and I (for a split second) attempted to chase her ass. Then the idea went through my head and I stopped.

Cameron was in on it and I can not believe he kept his mouth shut, or anyone for that matter. I'm pretty hard to surprise, or so I've been told and I apparently missed many slip ups  throughout Raygans party. Woops.

I was left sitting on my stairs completely ready and dressed head to toe, literally twiddling my fingers. After I checked the clock and my ' driver' was already 10 minutes late I looked at cameron and stated the most obvious fact ever-your sister and my best friend are the worst two to have on a time schedule, and the two of them together for that matter, forget it. Those two are always always late and me? Not so much.

Anywho, a half hour later I see them pull up, I kiss the littles and cameron goodbye and walk out to see my sister in law wearing the exact same outfit head to toe. No joke. All we could do was laugh, and snap photos of course. 

We landed at a nail salon with my mama and mother in law. It was my first time trying shellac (it chipped the very next day) and Im so happy I got to spend time with them, especially my mama. We made our way down the street to tony Roma's, for drinks (for them) and appetizers. After that we hoped in the car and headed to my best friends house where I saw all my girlfriends cars surrounding her house. 

Surprise to me! Passion party bachelorette perfect-for this pregnant bride and her friends whom are either pregnant also or just had a baby. Penises galore and such good food! These girlfriends of mine have seriously stepped up the plate in the 'friend' department and I'm so unbelievably humbled-again. I hope to repay them and I also hope that we start making more time for 'mom fun' because we all need it and deserve it:) 

Hello pregnant lady.

4 of us sat cross legged on the floor talking till about one about everything and nothing. We were in no hurry. 
This is what three crazy mamas look like at 1230 am.


  1. This is amazing! You have such great friends :)

  2. I LOVE THIS!! What a fun and well deserving surprise for you! You have such an amazing group of girlfriends and such a sweet family!

  3. What an awesome night Mama!!!! You have some good friends! Hold on to those!! And I love all the pictures of your pretty face.

  4. Girl, your button isn't showing up on my blog aaaaand I don't like it. What's the matter with me!

  5. So sweet that they surprised you!! Sounds like you had a great time :)

  6. How FUN!! So glad you got some time away from the kids... and as a surprise... even better!

  7. I love the "Hello Pregnant" pic lol! Looks like you had a good time and some respite from being a mama to your littles.


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