Thursday, August 15, 2013

Turning 4 & Pre-K

My sweet girls birthday is Saturday, she's had her heart set on a Little Mermaid birthday for months now and I'm so excited for it. We've arranged to have it at the splash park close to our house and she's requested hot dogs and fruit. Done. 

She's nearly 4 going on 14. She's sassy and smart with the biggest heart a girl could have. Right after she turns four she will start pre-k. This is huge you guys, we opted to have her go trough a church near our house and it is three days a week for 2.5 hours. I searched and searched for a pre k that had a similar schedule. 2 days was not enough but 4 was too many, not to mention finding one that wasn't 4 or more hours. That's just too much. For us. I understand schedules and working family's but this is a giant step for us. In her four short years my girl has never been around any type of day care setting. The gym-no. Fred Meyer kid spot-no. Literally nothing. We've attempted the gyms day care one time and they came and got us 10 minutes later.  She's close with her grandparents and her aunts, that's about it. Shes got a shy little personality but when you know her, she lights up. Until about 6 months ago we were going to stay at home until kindergarten, but Raygan has helped us change that decision and we both think this is what's right. And so does she, she is so damn excited. I'm excited for her to meet new friends as we as the time ill get with Remy. We went to pay for her school and her teacher just so happened to be there, SCORE! Seriously, for my shy girl the more she sees your face, the better its going to go! We've chatted about how her teacher was “so so nice” and Raygan insists that everyone is going to miss her while shes in school-damn right. Mamas freaking out over here.

On that note-I'm also worried how little sister will react, they are so close, best friends, little amigos, but once again, it will be good. Right? Right?

I will tell you how terribly bad I am dreading the first drop off day. I'm confident that there will be tears and some clinging going on, and I'm confident that the tears will not only be from Raygan. I'm terrified. 


  1. I am dreading the same exact thing. Well, I'm dreading the fact that when B starts school, he will be at his mom's full time, and with us on the weekends. The good part is that I will be able to work, but the thought of him not being around as often as he is now, breaks my heart.

  2. While I don't have any kids yet, I do work basically full time in a preschool/daycare center. I love getting to know the kids who have never been in that kind of setting because they seem to have the greatest personalities. Especially if she's so excited, she'll do great :) Thinking happy thoughts for you guys on the first day!

  3. OMGOSH - I totally know what you mean, however, my kids were always in a daycare setting. Not to say that sending them off to Kindergarten was any easier on me, tho. You can do it mama...and it will be SO good for your little girl to learn those independent social skills.

  4. So I just posted about my son's first day of Pre-K. It was heartbreaking. I think Raygan and my babe are the same, shy but so lovable when you know him and has never been in any sort of daycare setting either. He has literally only been at home with dad since he was born. I know it will only be a matter of time before he gets use to it and makes friends but I worry so much about him being unhappy while away from us. Good luck! I hope she takes it better than Lucas did.
    And I can't wait to see b-day pics! Happy Birthday to her :)

  5. I'm so excited to hear how her first day goes :) It sounds like she'll do fabulous! Once you guys get into the swing of things and into a routine it'll be no problemo! Doesn't mean you can't be a little sad though ;) I know next year at this time I'm going to be a MESS before Alea goes to pre-k!

  6. Up until I had my son 5 months ago I was a preschool teacher. Expect tears and from my experience with het age you will probably have more :) She is going to have a blast! Ok so now that I'm a mom I'm surely going to need this pep talk in a few years!!


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