Tuesday, August 13, 2013


One Question: 
Why don't people RSVP. 
Seriously, I could not have made it easier with the pre stamped and address labeled envelope included.

We obviously  need to know for food count as well and chairs and just cause I'm psycho and need to know these sort of things. I can't tell you how many people have told me "oh mark us down for 3" and you know what I want to say (even though I love these people with all of my heart) I want to say 
"what makes you so friggin special that I'll remember that." Really though. 
Then we catch wind of people coming with at least 5 in their party-with no RSVP. This has 
Happened more then once already. 
It's frustrating, I just don't get it!

How do you feel about RSVP-ing? 
Is it still necessary or am I just kicking it old school. 


  1. it is TOTALLY necessary!!

    no rsvp, no seat.
    that's all there is to it.
    people are so rude.

    and from what i noticed, it's usually the people that don't throw many parties that lack the understanding of it's importance.

    good luck, mama!

  2. Oh no, if you are asked to RSVP, you damn well better do it! If you don't reserve your spot, you don't get in & you sure as hell don't get to eat. Simple as that. I think people see it as an 'option' but expect you to already know if they're coming or not... Ugh, people are so annoying.

  3. OMG!!!! i have had to hunt people down to RSVP for my wedding! I'm like if I am paying, PER PERSON, I am going to make sure I have the correct number! BAHHHHHHH

  4. ugh that is awful! I get so mad when people don't rsvp!!!!

  5. Nope. TOTALLY agree. 100%. My parents and his parents havent even RSVP'd yet and I want to yell at them! Just becuase you are coming doesn't mean I know what you want to eat!! To make matters worse, because we are getting married on a military base, we need peoples names as they appear on their ID cards (because they will be checked), so we explicitly stated that on the RSVP. Guess what, people are still responding with Mr. and Mrs. so-and-so. I really just want to write down whatever name we have for them and hope it doesn't match their IDs so they won't be allowed on base. Serves them right for now reading directions...

    ...rant over...

    Sorry 'bout that. :)

  6. I agree with you on the importance of RSVP-ing, even if it's never cropped up in my life. Probably wouldn't equate wanting all the necessary information to organize a party to being psycho, though...

  7. That's so frustrating! I got MAYBE 30 RSVPs to our wedding before I finally had to go through the list and call people asking if they were coming so we would know who to count. I eventually gave up asking for them after a while. We ended up with well over 300 people at our wedding and had 80 chairs -- some RSVP'd, some didn't, and some that were intentionally left off the invite list showed up. Needless to say, there were a lot of people standing and my family did an amazing job of making sure there was enough food for everyone to eat, but people need to understand that an RSVP is necessary, it's inconsiderate to show up without sending one.

  8. This is so annoying to me for everyday events never mind a WEDDING! Totally necessary!!!

  9. Yes! So necessary! That drives me insane at my wedding- oh and the people who did RSVP but never showed up. Grr.

  10. Oh my goodness...I SO remember this! And sadly, people do not RSVP anymore. I think it's because we live in such an "electronic" world now that people don't take the time to communicate other than that way!! I have gotten better responses by setting up "Evites"! Crazy!!

  11. Yes!! You are spot on with this one. We didn't do RSVPs because we didn't need to at our venue but if I had, I would be so frustrated with people not sending them back. Vent all you want, pretty mama!

  12. omg! I HATE when people don't RSVP, it's really not that difficult. I hosted a baby shower last weekend and I joked with one of my cousins about her "maybe" not being able to make it, I was like "I hope you come because you are the ONLY person who RSVP-d".

  13. I'm SO late to comment on this, but it's taking me a while to catch up on my blog reading. lol. I don't plan that many parties but OH MY GOSH, I'm with you on this. WHY won't people just RSVP?!? Although I am embarrassed to admit, that I am guilty of forgetting to RSVP to a party recently. I still feel bad about it!


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