Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Glimps

August is completely getting the best of me, and by that I mean kicking my ass. I nearly choked when I realized the date today, I have all these deadlines and appointments, and crafts I need to be making and time is flying by so dang fast. Oh and not to mention the fact that I'm actually trying to have a summer with my girls, therefore that involves a little work and effort while resulting in busy weeks.

It's been non stop around here, and Ill be relieved as hell when it's all over with. I'm thankful that it's pretty much been smooth sailing this entire time and I'm pretty confident that it's going to stay that way. Cross your fingers. We have a special little girls four year old birthday this weekend and I can't wait for her to be surrounded with friends and families, she's been looking forward to this for weeks and we're spending this week preparing for it.

We're skipping our county fair this year because that seems to be one happenin week. Fair, first day of pre-school, and first week of ballet, and also the week before our wedding. No thanks. Well I obviously couldn't go an entire summer without taking my kids to A fair, so we went to my parents little little fair. That's what summer is about. 

Seriously, thank God for phones with Cameras

We are giant corn dogs and drank endless lemonade. We rode on rides and laughed until our bellies were sore. Remy was a couple inches too short for the rides but most of the carnis let her slide-hell effing yes because the two that didn't are on sisters shit list-I swear to you if I wouldn't have picked her up myself and walked away she would've kicked the ticket attendee with no shame. That's our Remy, she does what she wants. As for Raygan-she is so big, my eyes can't believe it, and the fact that her birthdays is this week makes me all Sappy. She rode the rollar coster all by herself and shyly tried to hide her smile every time she passed us. She loved all of the rides but obviously that one was her favorite...and it was pink! I love that shy smile. 

My parents gave up their weekend and came over and helped with a shit ton of yard work and a trip to the dump. Thankfully for them we have three giant garbage cams full of debris ready for pick up. Cameron burnt all the weeds and tall grasses next to the house, if you knew him, this photo would be funny to you. After all that they went to my grandparents house to hall all the wedding stuff I had my eye on a couple weeks ago. Doors and dressers that sorta thing. I don't know what I'd do without them!

We laid low Sunday, I sat down and planned out the entire month which halfway gives anxiety and halfway calms me down. How that works I'm not so sure. Later that night we crashed Cameron's best friends house and BBQ'd there and that was the end to our weekend.

I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend!
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  1. What a great weekend! Look how cute those two are on the rides!

    Oh and I agree... thank goodness for cellphones with cameras!

  2. It sounded like you, and your family had lots of fun this weekend! Your family is super adorable as always!

  3. I love all of these pictures! You have such an adorable family. Those girls....well, Daddy better have his shotgun ready!

  4. You all look so cute!! I love the headbands!


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