Monday, August 26, 2013

Obsessions and some Madness

I squeezed in family pictures this week and I’m seriously so excited to see what she comes up with! Don't ask me why I even attempted to add that to our schedule but it worked! It was originally going to be just the girls but then Cameron jumped on board, crazy how things work when he's not forced into it.
This song is definitely on every five seconds, but I don't hate it. I can't help but wiggle when it comes on, it's a fave of mine right now. 
Two year old molars are coming with in strong. I feel bad for her, it's toying with her emotions and squashing my sanity. 
I'm obsessed with all things head wraps-if you follow me on IG I confessed my life for them this weekend. Can't stop won't stop. 
tutorial anyone?

Moving onward with obsessions, these leggings are probably my favorite thing ever on these two little lady's of mine. I'm hoping she's down for wearing them her first day of school. -but know matter what I/we pick out the night before, my little fashionista will change it that morning because "it's not right" and that's how she rolls. 

We are officially on the hunt for a new rental-I hate this part. Seriously hate it, we've never had good luck and it's a battle field in our town for rentals. They are hardly available, and if they are their Is three people ahead of you. So we shall see. 

Less than two weeks till the big day! - 12 days to be exact.
I'm finishing up chalkboard frames and what not and then pretty much whipping my hands of all things wedding. My dress fitting is this week and then family galore will be in town. 

Ps. I've been keepin my eye out for a blog designer, if you know anyone who is fabulous and somewhat affordable please holla at your girl. 


  1. My youngest has that little tank top! Same exact one!!

  2. Love your head wraps. I wish they were as cute on me as they are on you!

    12 DAYS!! EEEEEEKkkkkkk! I can't wait to see how everything that you've been working on and planning for comes together and to see pics of you and your man on your special day!

  3. I can probably help you out with your blog design! Email me what you were thinking, and I'll see what I can do! :)

  4. Oh I'm looking for a blog designer too! Let me know if you find someone awesome.

    12 days?! Insane!


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