Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And They Thought Id Be the Diva

I knew from the get go that I was going to be a DIY bride. I didn't want an over the top wedding because like I've said one thousand times, it's no surprise-a celebration of course but I wanted to keep it simple, and affordable. I've had the say on 90% of things that have to do with the wedding and he's okay with it, I've offered and accepted his input but wedding planning is not his thing. (Fun fact: hes been to three weddings ever-his sister, his dad, and my high school best friend just weeks ago) But food-food is his thing so I handed over the reins for that subject. He picked a rather spendy BBQ style type catering company that has a very reputable name in our city. Okay-go ahead splurge a little. 

I sent him into the tux shop alone-that right there was completely stupid on my part. I sent him their to get nice fitted khakis and a nice white shirt and tie because this whole wedding thing is (suppose to be) relaxed and a little less uptight. He comes home 20 minutes later and tells me to call and finish the order for him for his tux. Tux? Come again? He basically told me that he looked "sexy" and he wasn't changing it. Okay okay-Ill see what I could do was basically all I thought, at least hes happy, its his day too and I want him to feel amazing and obviously he did in that suit. Me and the girls decide to go into the actual tux shop and next thing we know the salesman is telling me how he ordered the most expensive suit in the  store (in true Cameron fashion) and that he was the fastest booking they have ever had, when this man was telling me this I couldn't help but to laugh because that is so my Cameron. And by the way-thank god the tux was gray or I may have had to do a little switch a roo. 
We picked out his ring months and months ago-but in true cameron fashion we barely went and sealed the deal about a week ago. Without seeing the item number he had chosen months ago I asked him which one he liked now and (in true cameron fashion) it was the same exact one. He isn't one for change and he knows what he likes. Then we see the price-how could we not remember it was that freaking much? Was it because it seemed like we had eons of years to prep ourselves for this, just like everything else seemed. Next thing we know we're finishing up and the guy tells us Cameron had chosen the most expensive band in their men's wedding ring collection. I'm thinking it has something to do with gold inflation because his ring is solid gold. But really?

There we go Cameron the diva at least those three things are what we are paying for right pops? 


  1. This is hilarious. I always say my husband is more 'diva' and high-maintenance than myself, too!!

  2. Blahaha! He couldn't resist because he felt sexy!...that is hilarious! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one with a diva

  3. This made me laugh out loud hahahaha


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