Friday, June 21, 2013


I really have no direction for this post other then just a bunch of this and that! 
So shall we.

It's been so gloomy here the last couple days and I don't hate it that's for sure. I wish we could skip summer and go right to the fall, but then I would skip my wedding and have a baby. hmmm maybe not? I'm usually one to l.o.v.e summer but this year-I'm just not feelin' it.

 We took my niece home after nearly a week and boy are we starting to have with drawls. 

I fell in love with Cameron all over again when he called simply to tell me that the Heat won the NBA finals. swoon. We text all throughout (literally) the day and usually only call for something big or when we need to tell each other something fast. I obviously was so excited that the Heat won-with us being Heat fans and all.

It's 1030 and these girls are crackkkkin. Then slept the way to meet my nieces mom and that was at 7, which calls for a late night. Woohoooo!

I finally got Lamp shades for our room. They've been shade less for months months, and it's a bonus they were on clearance at target. I also got a killer cut from changing out the picture frames above our bed, (finally getting a color scheme going on as well with the thanks to this chair.) seriously that glass was so sharp, The cut's a good one. 

Is anyone else disappointed with Kim & Kanyes baby name? Really-north west? I was ready for something fabulous, that is just not what I was expecting, maybe it will grown on me.

Raygans birthday is a couple weeks prior to the wedding (why oh why didn't I realize that) so that means I've already paid for and reserved the gazebo in the park (splash park) and I've already ordered her birthday invitations. Am I crazy? Ill be damned if my girls party is lacking because of this wedding. So I'm trying to nip it in the bud. Luckily my girl is like her mama and once her mind is made-it's made. She's had her heart set on a little mermaid party-at the splash park-with all her 'families' and friends- with hot dogs and hamburgers, and fruit. Her words exactly. Oh and sparkly cupcakes.  Consider it done babe. I'm confident she'll hang on to that exact description until halfway through August. Either way I'm so so excited! 


  1. Random posts are fun, so I'm glad you went with it. The birthday party will be fabulous, and even though it might be tough having it so close to the wedding, it will be SO well worth it. =0)
    Have a great weekend,

  2. I smacked my head down when I heard what Kim & Kayne did with the little ones . North-West , duh!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. I do love randomness :) I have heard that it's tough being pregnant during the summer so I hope you can bare it. A little mermaid party sounds so fun! Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  5. New follower from MHO Monday Mingle. When my daughter's friend turned 4 one January, it got her thinking about her birthday party, which was in October. She picked out her theme then, in January and every detail stayed the same for nine months right up to the birthday party. She never wavered!

    I hope to see you at my site at


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