Monday, June 24, 2013

A Bump in my Road

I've definitely learned the meaning of bad timing throughout the last little while but this one incident in particular was awful timing. 
the most inconvenient spot ever. 

I woke  up and feeling off, kinda sick feeling with a headache. I halfway slept on the couch with Raygan as we watched cartoons and waited for the others to wake up. I mustered up some energy to take the girls to the splash park because my niece is in town and we had to show her a good time of course. 
We lasted a couple hours and headed home, as soon as we got home I felt some massive pain in my lower left side of my stomach. I handled the pain for a little while then text Cameron and told him "I hate to complain but...." I'm not a complainer, I just try and handle it. I hold stuff in. So whenever I've had to go to the er he knows it's bad. (Which has seemed like a ton the last couple years) he came home and my best friend came to pick me up. My original plan was to drive but Cameron put a stop to that (thank god)

I have never witness pain like that. Child labor was far less. I have never begged for medication like I did, and I have never sent my friend for a doctor two different times in five minutes.

So many hours later their result was I had a massive UTI. I'm still not fully sure that's what's going on because I've had many in my life and I don't even feel like it. This is the same er that sent me home twice two years ago because they couldn't figure out what was causing my continuous fainting and high temperature, oh and the vomiting, in result it ended up being a miscarriage that was having trouble passing. And again the same er that told me that i "wasn't in pain" enough when I went there for my appendix and what do you know -test and blood levels proved I needed an appendectomy. 

So we shall see.


  1. Keep me informed by email please! Now I am worried!!

    xoxo love you!

  2. UTI's can be very painful, but I might go to a doctor for some tests just to make sure. It sounds like you don't fit the normal mold so maybe you should just have it checked out.

  3. I am praying for you my sweet friend! I had a really bad UTI a couple of years ago that put me in the hospital. I felt much like you....high fever, in and out of consciousness, puking. I couldn't even pick myself up off the couch. They explained it to me that once you let a UTI get so back the infection gets in your blood and travels through your system.

    I pray that you get better soon! Keep me updated.

  4. Yikes - this sounds very scary. Keep going back to the doctor and demand that they take more tests. No one wants to be the complainer - but it seems in the medical community you really HAVE to speak up. I hope you get better soon:)

  5. Oh my goodness! That is SOO scary! I hope you feel better soon :(

  6. Gosh, I hope you are doing better from the time that you wrote this. Being hospitalized for any reason is pretty scary. I hope they have some "real" answers for you soon. Hang in there, and you got a new follower here on BlogLovin. :)

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

  7. Hope they figure this out soon for you & you're feeling better fast! Any chance of you finding a different ER/Hospital system? This one sounds a bit sketchy...just sayin'! Hugs, thinking of you!

  8. oh no.... whatever it is, I hope they figure it out soon and treat it fast. I really hope everything is ok.


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