Thursday, February 21, 2013

Im thrifty! Im thrifty!

I'm thrifty!!! I'm thrifty!
(I feel as thought Im jumping up in down in a corner of a crowded room full of all you cool thrifty bloggers)

I haven't done a goodwill trip in awhile and it was due time. I never ever find anything that great. It's always like oh hey theirs last years Cherokee brand skirt from target in (insert either raygan/remy here) I suppose I'll snag it. The best I've came across Is eat ikea wine holders-that I've yet to put up.

Today I stumbled upon this gem. I'm pretty excited about it. It's a lot brighter than most of the stuff in our living room- but I may have found it a cozy spot in our bedroom, one step closer to making it happy and cozy and also adding to my little section of the room for jewelry and what nots-and now a cozy chair.


I also grabbed this- Ive been looking for something equivalent to this forever! I've wanted my cookbooks to be out, despite my battle with clutter and stuff on counter tops. I've omitted almost everything so I'm excited this will be a focal point. And about cookbooks....who uses them these days with Pinterest or anything online for that matter. Well after a couple Pinterest fails and a couple cookbook home runs (according to the Mr.) I'm bringing them back people! Ill use them more if they're in sight! -No I'm not completely giving up on pinterest just exploring my options.

Happy Tuesday ladies!


  1. I love the chair -- what a find. Rhonda

  2. That chair is pretty awesome! Good finds, friend!

  3. That chair is fabulous!! What a great find!

  4. omg I LOVE that chair! great find, little lady!

  5. Hello from the blog hop! Love that bold and cozy chair! I think it's great to have a statement piece!

  6. I like the chair. It looks really cozy. Like I can sleep on it all day.

  7. yes indeed you are thrifty...and i love a girl who can come home with a great haul! new to your blog by way of the blog hop and so nice to be among another thriftanista! enjoy your day;)



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