Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why I blog

I was the first to have a real boyfriend. Ya know the live in, life's going really fast kind. We were young, and a couple years later we had Raygan, and shortly after that came Remy. I was the first to have one baby let alone two. I would read blogs daily, mostly mom blogs because I could relate. I stuck to my favorites (which no longer exist now, or I just fell out of love with!) and didn't venture out my, and comment? Gasp! Dare I ever speak to them!

It took a ton of courage from me to even start blogging, which sounds silly to me now because to anyone else I'm Like "come on do it! You'll love it"

I found someone to do my design and went from there. I had no idea what I was doing, I didn't even know what a link up was and I'm pretty sure I didn't participated in one for at least 6 months.
I wasn't fluent in blogger lingo-wigget? Button? Sponsor? It was overwhelming and and hard once I finally dove into it.

I love blogging, and honestly I actually feel stupid using the word 'blogging' or 'blogger' I'm not sure why. It started as my secret little area, really no one knew I had a blog except Cameron-and at first he didn't get it and thought was completely stupid, he's now sense on board! Anyway I didn't talk much about it, I just did it. It's helped me become me. Although I'm one obsessed mom that posts about her kids a lot, it's helped me separate me as a mom and mom only to MEE! I dress better, care more, and lead a happier life. Cheesey I know, but really it's true. It helped me get out of my new mom fog, and start concentrating on things that I actually like.

I'm more motivated and creative! I don't stress about blog posts, or the number of followers I have. Although the 'people pleaser' in me wants to be liked, I've learned to not give a crap. I haven't had any negative moments in blogging so that's probably easy for me to say. I've learned to be myself rather than put on a front. I write about good days and bad days, although I'm sure my good days outweigh the bad. I hate nagging and I never want to come across as 'poor me.' 

Im pleased with the people I have met and the friendships created. Its been fun and honestly I cant remember what it was like before I started blogging. 


  1. love this post. isn't it funny how intimidating it is before you actually start though.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story! I lurked too before starting myself.

  3. I follow you and pop in on your blog here and there, but don't think I have gotten around to leave a comment yet.. but was so refreshed to read your post today, and feel like my story is almost the exact same!! Nice to know that I wasn't the only one who started blogging having no idea what some of the terms meant :) Glad you are here, and thanks for sharing today!~Bre

  4. I started out the same way too. It took me ovr a year to finally get a "button" and my own design.

  5. I feel dumb using the word "blogger" too. :| I've been blogging for almost 2 years and only like 2 months ago did I decide to branch out ha. I love it tho! My fave hobby :)) Once it starts feeling like a chore, I'll prob stop. But until then....

  6. My blog started out and will forever be my journal. But the friendships I've made along the way have been AMAZING! I had no idea that blog land held a community of women who would befriend me, support me, and inspire me! It's made blogging that much more fun!

  7. Ashlea, I completely relate with everything you said about blogging's impact on your transformation. My blog is almost a year old and I feel I have changed 180 as a person. However, my blog is still a secret. I'm going to change that soon though!

  8. Sounds like blogging has been a really great outlet for you! It’s wonderful that it’s been inspirational and motivating!! I love your blog and so happy you share your sweet little family with us!! XO friend!


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