Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bringing it Back.

Cameron told us all to get ready and that we were leaving-I love when he does this mostly because Its usually for ice cream. This time we ended up at the batting cages-his softball league starts Monday so I guess he wanted to practice. We Cheered on daddy and papa then took the girls to the side and practiced t ball.

Then it was my turn, I told cameron I was terrified to even attempt to swing a bat. (Cameron has never seen my bat-that's how long it's been!) when we first got together I was nervous in front of
Him, then I just never had time to try when we had babies. My girls were chanting me along-so I freaking had to. How was I scared of a slow pitch wobbly softball when I would rock 70 mile baseballs in my prime? It wasn't the ball coming at me, it was my swinging of the bat.

I hit one, then another, I heard my girlfriends clapping and Cameron's Dad say "right! It's just like riding a bike" silly but it's true. At first I was paranoid of my stance in my studded
Flats then I got over it and just hit the damn ball.

I had so much fun! I forgot how much I loved the activity as much as the game. Cameron was impressed-somehow I knew he always doubted my softball ability. I left more excited then the rest of us. I jumped in the front seat saying "oh my gosh that was so fun, for all of us!" Cameron nodded-clearly not understanding where I was coming from. It was not only a huge part of my life but softball pretty much was my life For many many years and just swinging a bat brought it all back. I was able to Join in the fun and not just sit back and watch while grabbing kids from going in crazy directions.

God bless baseball, or softball, or tball. :)
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  1. What a great family day! I loved that he just rounded you all up with a plan! Picture perfect :)

  2. I'm glad you had a good time. :)

  3. You go Mama!!!!!! And yes, God bless Baseball!!!!!


I love your sweet words!

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