Monday, May 6, 2013

The weekend.

I failed to take a thousand pictures this week/end like I usually do. I hate when my iphone is too full and I'm too lazy to upload them..even to lazy to upload them to an app on my phone.

Friday: Me and my gals didn't leave the house. It was amazing. We read books and watched a ton of full house. You got it dude.

Saturday: T-Ball photos! Wooohooo. The entire team arrived late thank god cause we did too. But after that it was smooth sailing. I imagined a clustered mess but it wasn't bad at all. The only sad part was poor little Remy was sad she wasn't in the picture-I think shes convinced herself shes apart of the year little girl:) and even better they can be on the same team next year! YAY for having them so close! 

It was also Camerons moms birthday so of course we celebrated at her house with a ton of her friends. Us 'kids' sat back as all the adults were taking shots (names of which I don't even know!...see how cool I am?)

Sunday: I took the kids to the park so Cameron could get some homework done. The most chaotic trip of my life. The second we got there Remy had to I did what any mom would do and had her pee by a tree. She was a boss of course. Oh but then Raygan broke out in hysterics because she didn't pee by the tree that she wanted her gets better. The entire time we were there they did not play on any toys just whined for me to catch them down the slide....which I was down there ready....they just wanted to whine. We live like 10 houses away from 'our block' and they both start crying and trying to make me carry them both. I tried. I did for a couple feet....then text Cameron and he saved the day. He came running to my rescue.

We finished our Sunday with sundaes at my besties house. The kids hadn't seen each other in forevvverr. A whole whopping 4 days maybe? But it was needed and necessary. The husbands threw balls up the roof for the kids to catch as they fell down. Marvelous.

It reached 84 this weekend and our air conditioning broke at some point. Another perk of this lovely rental we are living in.

Happy Monday!
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  1. Yay for beautiful weather... boo for grumpy toddlers!

  2. Hahaha! I am laughing at the pee as soon she gets there. THe first time I took both girls to the playground, I was petrified and overly prepared. That is until Quinn asked to go to the bathroom and we had walked a mile to get there. She did very well on the grass lol

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