Wednesday, May 22, 2013


  • that I'm already planning a little girls 4th birthday party in August-Our wedding is the week after and I don't want it to slip away from me!
  • that I'm not particularly as excited for summer as I should be.
  • that I'm not so sad I had to cancel our park trim with a friend due to a rain storm.
  • that I've been out of milk for three days.
  • that I can not stand Taylor Swift-even if she bashes her own self for her dating ways.
  • that Remy hasn't had her beloved Binky in over a week and a half.
  • that I have a mouth of a sailor.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Haha I have to volunteer at a park tomorrow and wouldn't be TOO sad if it rained and was cancelled!

  2. oh my goodness I soooo agree with you on most of these :D
    Summer? eh. Friends cancelling plans? yay! Taylor Swift?.... no comment... Sailor mouth? Yup, yup.

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  6. Bless it!!!!!
    Oh Dav will not go without that his binky these days. He's going to be three in August. Somedays I hate the stares that strangers give and then other's I want to punch them in the face. He's only little once and when he's 30 we'll laugh about that he had it forever.

    CONGRATS on your wedding girl!!!! How exciting?! You're going to be beautiful for sure!

    And, Taylor Swift.....HATE HER! So glad I'm not the only one. She is ANNOYING AS HELL!

    I have to watch my mouth these days. Girl, my son repeats EVERYTHING I say. I just secretly laugh and shake my head! ;)

  7. hahaha you are so funny!

    I'm with you on Taylor sometimes...she gets on my nerves. But some of her music I actually like. And I'm with you on the summer stuff...all I can think about is how freakin' HOT it's gonna be!

  8. YAY! I looove that you, too, enjoy swearing. :)

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