Monday, May 20, 2013

May oh My!

Along with our usual weeknight schedule (that comes to a screaming halt here soon after ballet recitals, and tball trophy hand outs.) we squeezed in a ton of other things this week. I'm not so sure what's up with the month of May but this has got to be the busiest month yet, a little sneak peak of summer and everyone goes crazy! I will be a little relieved when tball, and ballet are over for the year. We've been contemplating on putting them in gymnastics throughout the summer, we shall see. We've always got to be doing something I tell ya!
Tuesday: lunch date with fab friends! We get brave and take all of our kids, shove ourselves into a booth add a chair and a high chair and call it good! Just like back in the day-only with kids;)

this lovely and myself
Wednesday: elmo live! My bestie managed to get free tickets, so that helps justify the 15 dollar spinny thing, and 10 dollar balloon. (I almost threw up when they said 10 dollars, and that was of course after I already promised raygan with one) all in all it was incredibly fun and my gals loved the music.

party in the car before elmo!//little girl fell asleep during elmo live!//Strikin a pose to send to daddy of course.


Thursday:tball! Although she did manage to hit dad in the head with the bat when he was helping her at the tee. But ehh?
Friday: had a picnic at the park with my favorites. Then went to a high school friends bridal shower which included another high school (actually middle school) and the best cheesecake of my life made by her mother in law. Literally I wish I could send you all a sliver of that goodness. Anyway it was fun to see my girls play with my said middle school friends little girl-literally mini versions of their mamas.



Saturday:girls day! Or that's what I declared it when remy was tripping for papa. We fit in a quick old navy trip, followed by Chinese, and a little mermaid play put on by our local children's theater. I was impressed! The girls loved it and I will be keeping my eye out for more of their plays! We sat in back and remy would ask where the mermaid was every single time she got off stage, and raygan was bothered by the fact that the boys were wearing make up.
with their nana. And some winking action.
Sunday: Birthday Party shenanigans!

Grandma and Remy//Party glasses//Raygan ready for cake//nothing but girls in our family, playing in bubbles!//my gals.
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  1. Hi Ashlea, wow you do carry a full schedule but how fun!! I remember those days!

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting Sunday Collective" w/Linky this weekend, I appreciate it. If your not already a subscriber I invite you to do so, so you wont miss out on our fun parties. I hope you enjoy your week, Karren

  2. Aww, look how cute! It sounds like you guys had a great weekend, i hope Monday is going well too.

  3. I love busy fun! It's the bestest. And OMG, your girls are seriously DIVA'S. They crack me up! When do you find out what baby #3 will be? Or do I already know & I just suck at retaining info??

  4. Stopping by from Monday Mingle. Love the pic of the girls workin' it!!

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  9. You are so busy...I bet the girls love all the things you do with them! Elmo Live sounds really fun...and so does a girls day! I need one of those...big time!


I love your sweet words!

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