Friday, May 17, 2013

Fridays letters

Dear fridays letters: ohh have I missed you.
Dear mom next to me at the stop light: I saw you fist pumping with your kids and i instantly new we could be friends! To bad it's not that easy!

Dear Cameron: I'm so so proud of you for your continuing your 4.0 your killing it with school on top of taking care of us! Ps-I love how you quoted the whiz words of pitbull the other day- you make my world go 'round!

Dear Walmart: I probably step foot in your store once a year-this time it was for a specific kind of fruit snacks that cameron loves, (well and me now too) Just loves, well it's disappointing and frustrating. Nothing makes sense in your isles and nothing is ever stocked. We were on a scavenger hunt for peanut butter and applesauce for entirely way too long, I vowed not to come back for another year and grabbed as many of those smiley face fruit snacks as I could.

Dear Ross Mathews-love you, love your book.

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I love your sweet words!

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