Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Impromptu is Best (photos galore)


Hear it from me, impromptu is best. Although with a family of 4 'impromptu' is a little less. It takes a day alone to pack and label endless gallon Ziploc bags full of little girl odds and ends, make sure we have enough Disney movies to keep us going and snacks, of course we need snacks.

We left when it was still dark, and I'm so glad we did. Every single thing was packed the night before and ready, so we just needed to shower-grab the kids and go. Raygan-the child who could sleep through a tornado-heard us stirring about and jumped up instantly knowing we were going to uncle Ty Ty's. She rambled on about or trip and helped us gather the last of our crap, we grabbed Remy and we were off.

We haven't been on trip in a while, let alone one that was 12 hours away, in Northern California. The last time I took this trip was when Raygan was one and Remy was still in my belly. So we were a tad nervous-and our girls proved us so wrong. They were the perfect little road rats. That's what Cameron revered to them as because he is simply a road rat himself-but again with these days being a little less. I didn't even have to dig into my stash of goodies to keep them happy! We sang to tangled and mickey mouse. wooohoooo.

It's always nerve wracking staying in someone else's house, I worry about if the girls will eat their food (picky critters) and what the hell bedtime would look like. Once again they ate giant juicy burgers that normally wouldn't have been ate and bedtime rocked. We were waiting on a giant outburst-they were obviously setting us up for something. Will it be on the drive home? Or Smack dab in the middle of a restaurant.

literally every house looked like this.

she did this for photos
while she did this

lots of love going on.

The beach. This is all I wanted to do was see the ocean, and boy did it deliver. You see, the weather isn't always so hot in Northern California, and I like to think we brought some sunshine with us! The boys played football, and the girls had a blast running around in the sand, and chasing waves of course. Simply beautiful and literally made my day.


my dirt lover

my girly girl

My girls got the chance to meet a new cousin that was more than amazing to them, he gave them piggy backs and played pillow fights. He set up looney toons on his game system (whatever it was) and let them go at it, he played with them non stop and was a complete trooper! I kept telling him to tell me if he wanted me to get them away-but he loved it. Every chance I got to check on them, my gals -all of a sudden so grown up- would tell me to 'keep going' or a little not so suddle from Remy of course 'get out mom! NOW!'

 this face makes me giggle.

one fine piece of meat.

it ain't the ocean unless someone is burried.

helllo there.


in her natural state.

We ate good food, and walked around a quaint little Victorian town that my brother in law lives in. We ate fabulous cupcakes and went to a beautiful park with a creek right down the middle. My girls turned into little adventures on this trip and its definitely one I will never forget. I'm so glad we opted (last minute) to go and make a weekend out of our memorial despite all of the anxiety I had set myself up for.


Simply fabulous and much needed.
& Holy Canoli that is a massive amount of pictures.


  1. How fun!! You seriously can never go wrong with the beach. And those Victorian homes! Loveee. What about these cupcakes??? I need to know. I don't think your girls could ever be naughty.... they look far too sweet in pictures. Haha.

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  9. Oh my goodness! Those two girls in front of the cow painting is adorable. It looks like a fun vacation. Glad you were able to enjoy the beach!

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  11. you did a great job capturing thos sweet moments between your girls! Looks like a fun a full time together!

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