Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap up!

We set of for Portland on Thursday. The show started at 630 and I reminded Cameron that we needed to get to our Hotel first and pick up my niece who lives there. Well I should have known. I blame myself now after all of these years being with Cameron I should've known.
All of his last minute bullshit drives me crazy. We were late.
Cameron drove like a bad ass to satisfy me.
15 minutes late for the Fresh Beat Band. On my defense we would have made it in time if there wasn't a freaking bank robbery in down town Portland making the traffic look like Time Square.
We missed one song, so no biggie. But if it would have been "rock star" I would have been the most mad mama you have ever seen. Thankfully my girls got to dance their little booties off to their song.
My heart swelled watching 3 extremely happy and surprised little girls.
Raygan had known that we were going to see them but I don't think her little mind comprehended it. We got there and they both exclaimed
"its the real fresh beats!!!" It was adorable.
They put on a good show although it was super short!
hmm I guess that's what a kid concert is about.
The next day we set of for Seattle.
Our city.
I can't wait till we can actually live there.
Some day. The timing just isn't quiet right now.
I was excited to show the girls around.
We took them to the aquarium and that was amazing to me, I'm not sure if I have ever been to one!
Raygan wasn't going to be satisfied unless she saw sharks, and thankfully we found some baby sharks. Even better.
Remy was loving being able to touch all of the star fish and sea stuff.
It was adorable.
They were very well behaved throughout that.
Then BOOM. Both got tired and both refused to sleep.
Bring on the attitudes.
I set the bar high and thought we would get to see more of Seattle,
But I suppose it's a little different when you travel with kiddos.
We went swimming at our hotel which was obviously a hit due to this cold weather we have.
Sunday morning we woke up and swam one more time as promised
and me and Remy dropped Raygan and Cameron off to go see the Sea hawks play!
Raygan has been asking for months to go to a football game with daddy.
She looked like a little Sumo wrestler with how bundled up she was.
Whilst they were doing that, me and my little hit up some shopping.
I had a minor anxiety attack after Cameron left me.
I get why he gets all frantic at times while driving...because he is responsible for all of us!
I just chill in the passenger seat like a boss and that's my role.
Me and my little sat in Starbucks like the locals. I held her while she slept as I replied to emails and drank (the best drink ever!) a chai with eggnog.
After she woke up, we set out for some shopping! She was seriously so great and helped me shop! She pointed to thinks and she actually picked out a shirt that I had bought.
Love her.
One minor problem tho. I was so excited to get my girls some H&M clothes and they didn't have childrens clothes there!
Surly I could not be the only person in downtown Seattle that is looking for children's clothes.

Cranky before we left!



Anywho...we could so do this big city living thing. She was diggin the big buildings and loved watching the people.
Cameron left his phone in my purse so he wasn't able to get any pictures of my girl.
He said she was great, ate a hot dog and he gave her a sprite.
 Wooo living crazy people, living crazy!
Although she did manage to fall asleep for a whole quarter and he said he just held her.
They sat right by a railing so she enjoyed leaning on that and people watching,
This was the face she made when daddy said he would get her a sprite!
oh and watching the football game.
I love that Cameron took her to that, they were both so excited for their date.
Even if she did fall asleep, they had a blast and I know she will remember that for sometime!


  1. Looks like you had a pretty awesome weekend!!!
    I love the little Cameron's hat!!!!

  2. What a great weekend! How fun. I haven't been to a kids concert yet, but I'm sure it will be entertaining!

  3. Sounds like such a fun trip!! I'm glad outings like that will eventually be doable for me and that' why I love your blog! Oh, and BTW, my Hubs pulls last minute crap ALL.THE.TIME when we are trying to get out the door. Drives me batshit crazy!

  4. chai with eggnog OMG I didn't even know that was on the menu. YUM!
    My son just turned 6 so he's 'over' fresh beats :(
    I am a little sad that the orig. Mirena (Wait is that her name or the IUD?) left and the new red head is there. Seattle sounds so awesome! So happy you and your fam had such an amazing time :)


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