Friday, April 19, 2013

Thats what she said V2

I want to do a happy post, and feel like I need to. My hearts heavy and my mind is once again in wonder. I've steered away from the news because I'm just not good at hiding my tears, and I simply don't know how to answer my three year old when she asks what the said tears are for. My thoughts are with all those affected in this tragedy, the entire city if Boston as well as the state of Texas.

So lets get happy shall we? Because that's what I like and that's what I'm good at. And what better way to be happy then to hear some ramblings from a sassy three and a half year old.

"I love you you say you love me."

"My tummys really talking about fries"
(we cut of her fries and girlfriend was trying to persuade us to give her more)

Me: "whats your favorite holiday"
Raygan: "giving people stuff"
perfect answer baby girl.

Me: "What do you say?"
Raygan: "I dont know what to say"
Me: "what do you say, or you can not get out of time out"
Raygan: "SORRYYYYYY!!!!! is that right?"
 "Fine Remy, Im not going to be your sister anymore"
(on different occasions its best friend)

"I have a diagnosis!!
 I know whats wrong with you, you have a flat tire in your tummy!"
"I want to go camping with nana and papa, and daddy and remy, and not you mama"

And my personal favorite
"Mom can I please where this swim suit when my boobies grow up?"
"I want lemon medicine mama"
ok babe lets tell the makers of tylonal to get on that.


  1. omgosh,..these lines are the sweetest! like for real. little ones sure come up with the funniest things. :]

  2. Awwwwwwwww :) So cute!

  3. hahahaha! oh my gosh, still laughing at the "when my boobies grow up" line...TOO cute!

  4. hahaha, love it! My favorite is the "when my boobies grow up" one! Kids are hilarious.


I love your sweet words!

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