Monday, April 15, 2013

Socially Awkward.

ME: I have so many friends right now!
CAMERON: I know babe, I'm excited for you.

That conversation happened. And I'm totally aware how completely pathetic it sounds. Cameron and I started dating a week after graduation therefore, the high school party craze was over and my list of friends dwindled, also the fact that I had a boyfriend consuming my time didn't help matters.

I've re-kindled previous (catty) relationships and have met a ton of new mom friends! We have normal play dates Raygans became accustomed to our friendly habits and goes to bed saying "who am I going to see tomorrow mama" weather it's her cousin at dance class or a holiday party with friends. All the while I'm hands down socially awkward and an over thinking mess. I obsess over things that I said and convince myself the person is picking at my choice of words as well. I re-do text messages and emails before I send them, then go through them and pick at them until I'm convinced I should've said something else. I'm a people pleaser, always have been always will.

I think having babies/kids makes things easier. They are my security. Kind of like a cell phone. When I have no one to talk to, or its an awkward moment, I have my kids. Need to go pee? Ok! I take at least one of them to baby showers even when Cameron has offered to watch them because well, It helps and they are my security. Its nice that they are well behaved.

On the downside I may have forgotten how to be by myself because it rarely happens and honestly I don't handle it well. Anyhow I'm completely content with my relationships and where they are headed, and I couldnt be happier with the gals I've met in the blogging world or not :)

Happy Monday To You!



  1. Seriously... some great relationships can be built over blogging. It's awesome!!


  2. Very happy for you! Thank goodness for girlfriends :)

  3. Oh don't worry dear. I'm socially awkward as well.

    xo. m.

  4. This is awesome (the part about you having so many friends and playdates)!! I know I'm thankful that I met you in the blogging world. Now, if we could just figure out how to get together in the real world!!


  5. I love that your daughter asks who she's gonna see tomorrow, haha. Kills me.
    I'm with you about bringing your kids to stuff as a comfort blanket. Drey makes me less awkward and I love it.


  6. Love this post because I am SO socially awkward. I get the using your kids as a security blanket thing and over thinking texts or what I've said. I have to force myself to be somewhat sociable..


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