Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life Lately-Randomosity.

We set out and hour away and joined my parents in a very impromptu one night camping trip just to tease us a little. It was so damn windy that night I couldn't sleep and I swore we were going to wake up to a tree branch crushing the camper-I saw a shooting star and you bet your ass my wish was for no tree to crush the camper...thank you shooting star.

I let Remy sleep in backwards pajamas because she put them on herself and I've never seen her more proud.

I braved my kids and decided to take them a movie-by myself-for Remys first time ever, and Raygans first time with her mama. It may have something to do with the fact that I did not leave the couch the day before and was completely and utterly worthless. Thank you daddioooo. Anywho-they were angles, pure perfection and halfway through the movie I looked down to a sleepin baby. I laid her down on the chair next to me and grabbed my girl and finished the movie.

I went through all last years summer clothes, pretty much all of their clothes fit from last summer! Score-except now I can't justify new articles of clothing arriving in my house.

We've ate out for dinner hmmmm maybe 4 nights in a row. Bad mom award-holla.

Raygan had her first t-ball practice and Cameron and I ended up leading the practice. Nothing hotter then seeing your man help littles hold a bat-just saying.
Packages of french style bird cages and vintage umbrellas are taking over my house. Thank you wedding planning:)


  1. Your kids are cute. And there is always a way to justify new clothes. You just have to figure out what the justification is.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  2. OH MY GOSH. Look at her in her softball outfit! She SO cute.
    I can't believe that you braved a movie alone with two littles but of course they were angels. They are so sweet and cute!
    Seriously soo fun that you guys got to go over night camping!!! I miss your parents and Me and T want to come do that once this summer!! Miss you guys like crazy.
    Still no phone but we HAVE to do a play date this week!

  3. So sweet that she put her PJs on backwards awe.

    And I love the t-ball practice story :)

  4. Adorable kids. Glad you survived your first movie trip solo with the kiddos!

  5. They are SO sweet! Love the picture of Raygan with her pink glove :)...the movie picture, too...hahaha just too cute! I love them!

  6. How fun (minus the wind)!! It’s been windy here, too. Cute pictures. And doesn’t it just fill your heart with so much joy when they are so proud of themselves?! I’ve never taken Mason to the theater. He never stops talking, like ever. So I am not sure how he’d do. Maybe he’d be mesmerized and I can get him popcorn! Ha! Aww, yay for first T-ball! I have to catch you up on how it’s going for us. And I agree on the husband helping thing. HOT!


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