Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Party: Rated G

You see I have this best friend. She's sorta like me. And when I say like me. I mean memory making crazed mama who's set out to have a great time no matter what. We've been friends for years now and we're so lucky that our men like each other (actually grew up with each other) because its always so hard to pair with couples. We've been through so much, and my little girl was her flower girl.

We planned a New Years party with tons of food and party hats

of course . We invited two other families but of course it ended up just ours. Seriously who works on New Years Day....hahah Im kidding the entire world pretty much, we just got lucky! Either way it was so fun! Kids played well, and this little lovely slept well.

I'm so glad we did something! We obviously did not stay there till 12 or anywhere near that for that matter, but at least Im going through with my resoulutions! Even if its with the same family we do
every single thing with!

What did you to ring in 2013?


  1. Happy New Year! That sounds like a nice evening. I spend the night with my husband and four other couples. We drank too much champagne, ate a lot of food, and played board games. It was great!!

  2. Great Pics! and Happy New Year! Stopping by from the grow your blog blog hop!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  3. Hey, new follower from the GFC Blog Hop. What great pictures, so cute! Happy new year. :)


  4. That truly sounds like the best kind of New Year's Eve party!


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