Monday, October 29, 2012

Update, Randomosity & Mini Bucket List

Saturday night we had our annual pumpkin carving party and this year it was accompanied with homemade chili and cornbread, a baked potato bar and some pretty killer deserts!
The kids did their fair share of playing, running and screaming! Quite a bit of screaming.
We spent the entire evening at their house and it was so fun!!

Cameron was far to interested in the World Series. Although I tried to cut him some slack because he is a Giants can after all.

Note: Him looking at the game...

And because of that I carved the damn pumpkin. He's carved every single pumpkin "we've" ever done
together.  I'm not a pumpkin carved but I friggin did it. We bought the kits with all of those fancy
pictures... yeah umm, I took one look at those things and decided I'd pass!
Baby due any day!
Best thing ever.
The other candles just wernet working, and we left our little battery operated ones at home!
Raygan even drew her own face that we'll carve out tomorrow. (It was running late last night)
On a completely random note. I'm currently laying with Raygan and Remy watching Snow White. Every single time the witch comes on the say "skip" like a million times. In which I'm expected to fast forward until the witch scene is over with. I oblige. Does anyone else do that? I gotta keep on my toes.

On another random note. Cameron was cordially invited to the Bed Bath and Beyond friends and family shopping event taking place tomorrow. Haha. A bunch of his dude friends are going. Isn't that funny? Anyways he wasn't into it and I cut a deal with him and now he's in search for some new pots and pans! And possibly a new griddal -clap clap.

I skipped my mini bucket list last week
1. New recipe.
2. Organize kitchen. Get rid of unused things.
3. Attempt bookworm (a cozy bookstore) again and see if the girls will be more enthused.
4. Roxys diner. A 70's style burger and ice cream parlor Ive always wanted to try.
5. Find family picture outfits!!!
6. Movie night.
7. Make Christmas string light craft.
8. Purchase frame for Mr. Darcy quote.
9. Re-decorate book shelf in Raygans room
10. Re-decorate shelf in Remys room


  1. Oh holy night your mini bucket list reminded me that I need to figure out what the crap Isaiah and I are going to wear for our Christmas card picture this's almost November...gah.

    This year is going toooooo fast!!

  2. Awww looks like you guys had fun!!!


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