Sunday, December 2, 2012

Polar Express

I want to acknowledge two little things before I begin this post.
A. I have never been on a train.
B. Nor have I read the polar express or watched the movie.

Best family shot we got..

We arrived in the quaint little town of Hood River Oregon, after turning back once to get our elf. Yes we turned around for the elf. Girls were hungry, and we were hungry. We ate at an apparently "legendary" pizza place that truly stood up the expectations. Me and Cameron treated ourselves to a beer while the girls sipped on lemonade.

We were the first to check into the hotel and waited for the rest. We made it on the train right before the last call because that's how we seem to roll.

Like I previously noted I have never been on a train so i was unaware of the crazy wobbling. We were on the top part of the car so apparently that's worse if the two. But no need to worry Raygan let me know it was suppose to do that. Because yes, my girls have been on a train while both me and Cameron have not.

We got all situated and the train set off. It was far from perfect and it was seriously way more fun then I expected. The person on the train speakers reading the story to us lost his place and said "oh there we go..." As he found his spot while people in white outfits stood awkwardly in the isle showing us the book and illustrations. It was hilarious. I love awkward.

Remy started to get squirmy and quite pissy. Let out a couple crys and passed out. Raygan wet from booth to booth to booth. My parents, me and Cameron, and my best friends family.

We picked up Santa at the North Pole and he honestly was magical. He scooped babies up like it was his job (I guess it is) and spent a little extra time with this shy girl.

Every year she has screamed at the mere sight of Santa and this year she answered his questions with a shy "yes" or "no" and when he asked her what she wanted she replied totally ..."I don't know" but if you ask her she will be tell you she told him dress up clothes. Which is what she's been telling us for weeks.

(she looks so old from behind, it kills me!)

I'm sad Remy missed out on Santa. I have no idea how she will react. I can see her screaming, or totally at ease. Good thing we will have another sighting with Santa in the future.

We had a ball and my bestie little man screamed and shrieked literally shrieked when it was his turn. The Santa couldn't even touch him. It totally made the train ride. It was quite comical.

We sang a very off beat and terrible version of the 12 days of Christmas, although our group killed it with "5 golden rings" every freaking time. We continued the rest of the ride back singing to Rudolf and jingle bells. It was stellar. We went back to the hotel and room hopped between the three.

It was worth the trip and I gotta say. There is something about two sweet little bodies wearing reindeer Jammie's in crisp white hotel sheets. My mama heart swells.


Happy Sunday Everyone!



  1. what a fun time! I love Polar Express movie...its one of my favorite Christmas movies!! I would love to go on the train ride, IDK if there are any around here or not, I will have to look into that

    The girls look so cute in their PJs

  2. I can't believe she actually sat with him. I'm trying to get Charlie to the point where he will!

    Love this idea so, so much. I wish we had a Polar Express close by.

  3. Absolutely adore this. My little Mason recently discovered the awesomeness of Polar Express. We've watched it probably a dozen times in the last 2 weeks. We are going on the North Pole Express in Grapevine TX and I can't wait to see his face!

    You took some adorable pictures! Glad you all had fun.

  4. Ohh it looks like such a fun time for the kids and the pics are great! Love their jammies too ;)


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