Sunday, November 4, 2012


My little Snow White.
 I was so proud of her for choosing that princess knowning that both of her cousins were Cinderella. I fully prepared myself for a last minute change of mind, and thankfully that did not happen!
Girlfriend rocked it.

This little monster on was not thrilled about picture taking. But she definetly got the hang of trick or treating. Given the opertunity she would fit as much as she can in that tiny little fist of hers.
Neither of them were shy when it came to trick or treating, honestly. Which is odd.

Cameron was in the spirit and I never got bitchy. When it comes to holidays I tend to get a little worked up in how it happens, and where we go and with that I get a tad bit bitchy. He even commented on my non bitchiness on our way home. (go me!)  Whilst the girls were dosing into a sugar coma.

How was your Holiday?


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time!! Let me know if you got my sweet treat package. I had some issues with another package going through the mail.


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