Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Little Things

I love the simplicity of this. I love the meaning of the words and how true they stand.
The littlest things in life leave the deepest foot print in out hearts.
I never knew what those words meant until I  became a mama. They have taught me more in 3 short years then I have learned in my entire 23 years of living.
I never paid attention to air planes, or random dogs beforehand and now I love those moments and take the time to take them in. I love little giggles, and a new nail polish color. I mean, what's Ice cream without the sprinkles? Nothing, that's right. Sprinkles totally make the ice cream, I'm not saying that the ice cream wouldn't be good without them just not fabulous. I'm looking for a little bit of fabulous in life. I've always been a "look at the glass half full" type of person. I want to create memories that stick. I want to celebrate with friends and make crafts with my girls. 

I like to keep us busy with holiday parties and traditions, or play dates with friends, but in between some one the crazieness, some days it's so so nice to kick back. To lay around and watch Disney movies and eat way to many pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. (Holy delish) because that my friends is the best way to spend a lazy day, after the craziness ends and before some more holiday festivities begin.

My girls have taught me how to slow down and at that very same time they are the reason why we are constantly on the move. I never went to 3 (4 if you count my parents) pumpkin patches before and now our porch looks like a patch of its own.

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  1. This is really sweet. The little things are so important


I love your sweet words!

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